Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: SOFT

Tina’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge may not have appeared in your WP Reader this week. If you haven’t seen it, here’s a re-post.

Travels and Trifles

“The Earth is Art. The photographer is only a witness.”

Yann Arthus-Bertrand


Although is can sometimes be used as a derogatory adjective, implying weakness or limited intelligence, for the most part the word SOFT conjures up a warm, happy feeling. Soft-hearted, soft-touch, soft-spoken – you get the idea.  This week as I think back on our visit to rural New York state, I remember the softness of many of the farm animals, especially the two little sheep above. 


“A soft heart is a strong heart, and a hard heart is a weak heart.”

Criss Jamie

Of course, there are all kinds of soft creatures around the world. One example – the long-haired Highland Cow above. He was one of my favorite finds on our visit to Scotland several years ago. I wondered how on earth he was able to see anything at all through those…

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