Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #34: Close Up Magic

The world which we perceive is a tiny fraction of the world we can perceive, which is a tiny fraction of the perceivable world.~ Terrence McKenna

For this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, Ann-Christine invites us to have fun with close-ups.

Several years ago, I bought my first macro lens and a miniature world opened up to me.  I felt like Gulliver (of Gulliver’s Travels).  The tiniest object was a world unto itself.  It had patterns and beauty that weren’t immediately apparent to the naked eye.

Here are some of my favorite close-ups from the past few months:

Sand Dollars

I was delighted to find these sand dollars on the beach in Savusavu, Fiji.  I hadn’t seen them in many years.  The petal patterns on the surface are remarkably delicate and symmetrical.

Sand Dollars in Savusavu.

A Frangipani Flower

When I took a picture of this lovely flower, we were exploring Cockatoo Island, off the coast of Sydney, which once was a penal colony and debarkation point for convicts coming into the country.  It was also the location of shipbuilding during World War II.  The delicate loveliness of this flower contrasted sharply with the history of the island.

Frangipani Bloom, Cockatoo Island, Sydney Australia

Bush Blooms

I discovered this lovely pink bloom, a fuchsia heath, on a walk near Balgowlah Beach in Sydney. The views of the harbor and the nature along the trail to Manly were fabulous.

About to Bloom, fuchia heath, Balgowlah Beach, Sydney

Bruny Island, Tasmania

When we were walking through the national park on Bruny Island, I spotted this tree with an intriguing pattern on its trunk.  It’s a work of art, isn’t it?

Tree Bark Mosaic, Bruny Island, Tasmania.

I will never tire of the magic of shooting close-up.  Although I haven’t bought a macro lens yet for my Fuji camera, it’s on my wish list.  As you can see, I can get fairly close to the subject with the Fuji 17-70 mm lens, but I’d like to get even closer.

Thanks to all of you who participated in last week’s Nature Challenge.  Your response was tremendous!

See you next week for Amy ‘s challenge on Saturday, March 2.

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  1. Lovely post, Patti – the bark is so beautiful – and who does not love the Frangipani flower? I can see in every picture from your Australia journey, that you had a wonderful trip throughout!

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