Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #62: Silhouettes

When I shoot photos, I love capturing silhouettes–which appear as a dark outline against a brighter background.  They are a marvelous technique to add to your photographic repetoire because they can add drama, mystery, emotion, and atmosphere to your photos.  They can also tell a story to your viewers.

Here are some examples from my files:

Capitoline Hill Silhouette, Rome, Italy

In this first image shot in Rome, I captured a family as they walked around the Capitoline Hills right before sunset.  The light created dramatic shadows as it crossed the ancient Roman road and helped create a mood in the photo.  Because the members of the family appear as shadowy outlines, there’s a sense of mystery about them.  Some of the trees are also silhouetted against the evening sky.

Sunset Silhouette, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

When we see silhouettes in a picture, we use our imagination to fill in the details.  In the second image, we might wonder about the two women or the dark clouds on the horizon.  Is a storm coming?  Why are there so many boats at the mouth of the harbor?  As we search for clues in the photo, we might deduce that the boats are oil tankers, waiting to fill up the ships’ hold with petroleum.

I shot this photo at Hollywood Beach, Florida early one morning when I spotted a woman highlighted against the sparkling waves.  Her image tells the story of a new mother setting up a tent and an umbrella for her baby, who is sleeping in a stroller.  I imagined her day–a few hours at the beach spent relaxing on the sand and caring for her child.

Joshua Tree Silhouette, Joshua Tree, CA

The last image is one of my favorites from our visit to Joshua Tree National Park.  I love how the settling sun creates marvelous silhouettes of the famous Joshua trees, which look other-worldly in the fading light.

This week, we invite you to explore silhouettes for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #62.   Feel free to include silhouettes of buildings, people, objects, and/or elements from nature.  In your post, include a link to this post. (Important note: Do not use links from the Reader because they are not working correctly.) Use the Lens-Artists tag to help us find you. For instructions on how to join us, click here.

Last week, Tina invited us to share photos of our precious pets.  Being a pet lover, I truly enjoyed your posts and stories.

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  • Davide recently joined our challenges.  Last week, he shared his passion for photographing pets.
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  • Sue (Mac’s Girl) treated us to a family memoir about her pets.
  • Raj of Expressed Digitally shared beautiful portraits of pets that reveal their unique personalities.

Next week, it’s Ann Christine’s turn to host Challenge #63, so please stop by her site! Tina, Ann-Christine, Amy, and I hope you join us.

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  1. That first one’s a scene from a movie, Patti. 😘 I like silhouettes a lot too. The bougainvillea on my roof terrace is making a nice one right now. Happy weekend and thanks for another nice challenge. 🤗💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, IJ. Wonderful that you’re joining us. I’ll look at your image next. Thanks too for your kind words about the shot of the mother and child. It is interesting how the silhouette gives us an intimate portrait. You’re right. That’s the exact word for it. Intimate.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Tina. :). :). I still can’t get over the beauty of the JT National Park. It is hauntingly beautiful. I’m wondering where your shots will be taken…Kiawah? China? Israel….Um….Looking forward to seeing them!


    • I’m glad you’ve been to JT, Debbie. I’d also love to go back. I’m glad you liked that one. It’s one of my favorites too. Silhouettes are tricky, as I’ve discovered when creating this post. But I learned something in the process, which is always good!


  2. Hi Patti. Love this theme. Your beach silhouette with mother and child says so much with wonderful simplicity. Stunning with the dancing water in the background. Here’s mine. odaciuk.wordpress.com/2019/09/09/silhouettes/

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    • Hi, Olga. I’m so glad that one resonated with you! I loved that moment at the beach. It brought back memories of being a young mother. I’ll take a look at your shots next! Thanks for your kind words!

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  3. Lovely silhouettes Patti – sunsets are good here for capturing the hills and trees against a flaming sky which is why your sunset shot is my favourite, plus I recall those freighters waiting in Vancouver myself! (Well, obviously not these exact ships!). I will have a look and see if my recent foray out into the dusk has produced anything worth posting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Sylvia. I’m delighted at the response to this challenge. So glad you like the lady with the baby. I was so taken by that scene on the beach. And the “Roman” family was a great moment too. Thank you. I’m glad you joined us!


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