Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #63: The Magic of Photography

A photograph itself is a kind of magic. In its simplest form, it captures a moment gone and preserves a place and time unchanged on its two-dimensional plane. The mechanics of that alone are an astounding feat… Jennifer Mason

I have been photographing for years, but it is still magical to me.  I will never tire of the thrill of looking through the viewfinder and capturing a moment, frozen in time.  A photograph creates a perfect record of that day, that place, that feeling–like this moment in Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver when the city seemed to appear magically out of the clouds, gleaming and resplendent.

Magical View. Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, B.C.

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.~Roald Dahl

On any given day, photography also challenges me to believe in magic and that I can find it right around the next corner.  When I do find it, the thrill is unimaginable–like this moment when I saw this magical fuchsia flower sparkling in the morning sun. 

Magical Flowers. Queen Elizabeth Gardens, Vancouver

Love and magic have a great deal in common. They enrich the soul, delight the heart. And they both take practice.~Nora Roberts

Believing in magic does take practice.  It’s the discipline of seeing the ugliness in the world, but remaining convinced that goodness and beauty still exist, and they can transcend and transform the negative.  Sometimes changing my perspective opens new vistas of beauty and magic–like when I looked up and saw this brilliant palette of color at Queen Elizabeth Park.

Magical Colors. Queen Elizabeth Garden, Vancouver, B.C.

Magic happens when we pretend to be children again and see something as if it were the first time.  As I looked at this gaillardias flower through the camera lens, it helped me pay attention to the purplish tint in the center and appreciate the beautiful patterns in the petals.  Thank you, 18 to 55 mm Fuji lens.

Flower Magic, Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, B.C.

Photography takes me places I never thought I’d go.  It is a process of discovery–not only about the world, but also about myself.  For me, it’s a journey of wonder, of beauty, and magic.

Magical Garden Paths, Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, B.C.

Ann-Christine is hosting this week’s challenge in which she asksWhat Is Magical To You?”  Please stop by and view her post in which she shares images of her garden, which are truly magical.  Be sure to link your post this week to Ann-Christine’s post. (Links posted within the Reader are not working correctly.) Please use the Lens-Artists tag to help us find you. For instructions on how to join us, click here.

A special thanks to all of you who joined my Silhouette challenge last week.  Your unique and varied posts opened my eyes to the possibilities of the silhouette.  I love that we share our work and learn from each other.  My sincere thanks to you all!

Next week, visit Amy’s blog for Challenge #64.

As always, Amy, Tina, Ann-Christine, and I hope you will join us.

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  1. Hi Patti. I was hugely taken with “Believing in magic does take practice. It’s the discipline of seeing the ugliness in the world, but remaining convinced that goodness and beauty still exist, and they can transcend and transform the negative.” Would you permit me to use your fuchsia photo and the quote in a blog-post (I would of course fully credit you for both, and link back). Kind regards, Liz (New Zealand).

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  2. The magic well captured, Patti! And photography is a splendid way of capturing magical moments! – everything can never be captured, because the feeling is different for all of us. Vancouver seems a wonderful place! I love the Fuchsia. my grandmother’s favorite flower. It reminds me of glass.

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  3. I find that close-ups of flowers are always magical, letting the creative eye see what it had missed. Wonderful photo of the fuchsia, Patti. The background bouquet adds to the magic. ❤

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    • So true, Olga. I can honestly say that I appreciate the artistry of flowers far more now–after photographing them. The variety and artistry of their designs are astounding. I’m glad we share that! And thanks too for your kind words about the fuchsia.

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    • Hi, Nurul. I’m delighted you think that the shots “work.” Photography is always an experiment, isn’t it? 🙂 I’m glad the “magical paths” shot worked for you. I wasn’t sure the magic came through!

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