Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #91: Simplicity

Out of chaos, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. – Bruce Lee

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads and intensifies, many of us around the world are spending a lot of time at home, following governmental regulations to shelter in place.  More and more of us feel like we’re returning to a simpler time–cooking our own meals, playing board games, reading (and re-reading) the classics, cleaning the house, and taking up hobbies like knitting, sewing, and gardening.  For me, this time also highlights the value of simplicity.

This week, for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #91, we’re getting back to basics.  Show us what simplicity means to you. 

Is it stepping back to a time when luxuries were scarce and people were content with less?

The Slaves’ Chapel, Middleton Plantation, Charleston, S.C.

Is simplicity found in nature?

Is it a quiet walk along the seashore?

Is it spending time in the garden and stopping to admire the first bunch of crocuses?

Is it a simple cup of tea and time for reflection?

Favorite Teacup, Notebook and Pencil.

We’re looking forward to seeing your creative and unique interpretations of “Simplicity” this week.  Thanks, as always, for joining us and continuing our creative dialog. Through our wonderful, dynamic online community, we can continue to support and reassure each other that we are not alone in this unsettling and often anxious time.

If you join us, include a link to this challenge post and use the “Lens-Artists” tag so we can find your post in the Reader.  Please be sure to follow the safe distancing guidelines in your area when you’re photographing during the coronavirus pandemic. Better yet, post images from your archives.

Last week, Tina asked us to share our images which convey distance, as well as the creative ways we’ve found to connect with others at a distance during the pandemic.  Your posts were thoughtful, inspiring, and creative, as always.

Have You Seen These?

We’re also delighted to announce that next week’s challenge will be led by our next guest host–John Steiner of Journeys with Johnbo.  Welcome, John!  We’re excited that you’re joining us.  Please stop by and visit John’s site next Saturday at noon.

Here’s our schedule for the rest of April:

Once again, my closing words for this week are: stay well, stay safe, and keep creating!

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  1. Love the peace of that bay, with just one boat, Patti. 🙂 🙂 Life seems complicated enough in its own way, right now. Shopping has become an unpleasant chore (we don’t have large stores which deliver here) and while I’m happy to self isolate it breaks my heart to be forbidden to walk on our beaches. Had I seen this earlier I could have linked to my beautiful lilies, flourishing on my patio. As you say… simple things! Take care, darlin!

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  2. Marvellous set of Simple… I am endeavouring to create fairly minimalistic Still Lifes at present….some of them may be seen again here! I’ll see what I can come up with for this challenge, Patti

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  3. I love the sailboat but I also like all the other shots. I have a cup that looks identical in shape and construction, but it’s a deep blue and says “Never underestimate a well-read woman.” My parents gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago.


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  4. Great topic this week! Very nice images, as well.

    Answering your question, if when this is over, we will return to a life where we content with less..
    I do not know, now it seems that we all accept simplicity and that is good, it would be crazy if not. Maybe I am pessimistic, but I do not trust society, it may be that now we, as individuals are able to see the important but will remember? Can we deal with politicians and those hidden powers that manage our existence at will? Have they seen the need to simplicity and appreciate the truly important?

    Stay safe and well 🙂

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    • Hi, Ana. I’m a weird mixture of an optimist and a realist!! I fear true change will happen among us ordinary folks, but it won’t happen among those in power–unless more of them get sick. How sad is that!! That’s a great question, Ana. I’m so glad you shared your answer!

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    • Your post was marvelous, Paulie. I enjoyed it completely. Thanks so much for joining us. Your images of your dogs, the countryside, and your father will linger with me.


  5. My wife and I are surely living a simpler life right now (along with much of the world.) I can’t help but wonder if, when this world crisis is behind us, many of us will adopt some of those simpler practices we learned during our stay at home.
    I am looking forward to sharing my challenge topic with the group next week.

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    • I am hoping we will adopt some of these “simple” practices, too. I feel like I’ve stepped back in time when I see so many people out walking and in their yards gardening and cooking at home. We’re looking forward to you being our next guest host, too!

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    • Hi, Xine. I enjoyed your post! Welcome to the challenge. Did you want us to comment on your post? The comments were turned off. We typically comment on as many posts as possible. Once again–Welcome to the challenge!


  6. A great theme, Patti, wonderfully beautiful and simple life and things portrayed. You really show a variety of simplicity, and inspired me to find what I, deep inside, mean by Simplicity. There will be many interesting entries, I am sure!

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  7. These are all beautiful images Patti, but it is the chapel that really speaks to me — though I’m not at all a spiritual person.
    The theme is perfect for these times, as so many of us are reflecting on what really matters to us.

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    • Hi, Su. Thank you! I was very moved by the chapel, and the sparseness of the slaves quarters. There was a lingering sadness about the place that “spoke” to me, too. I’m glad it “spoke” to you, too. I always appreciate your thoughts! Thanks!

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    • Thank you, Jane! The same is true for you and your family. Isn’t that chapel so beautiful in its simplicity? I was really struck by the plantation and the sadness of the slaves’ quarters. Be well and be safe!

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    • Hi, Mei-Mei. I’m so glad you like the guest hosts idea. We are excited to incorporate “new voices” into our challenges. And I’m glad you like the theme! I hope all’s well with you.

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  8. Patti, what a stunning gallery … I can share all the simplicity in your images … but I would like a cup of coffee if possible instead of the tea. And thanks for the support … for my last week’s entry.

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  9. I love the opening quote – Bruce was a wise man! I think he would’ve loved your post too – the photos you chose and the words of wisdom are simply elegant and to the point. I’m not sure why my pingback didn’t work, so I’ll share the link now. Thank you for hosting this week, I hope your corner of the world is doing okay! https://www.quaintrevival.com/deep-thoughts-drive-me-to-simplicity/ Stay safe and well!

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  10. This is such a wonderful theme. Your photos are wonderful and capture the essence of simplicity. There is something about the uncluttered, clean-lined, and central focus of the slaves’ chapel that brings me such a feeling of peace. And all forms of nature, especially shorelines, are soothing to the soul. I have done much more reflecting during this time.

    Here is my contribution this week: https://bedlamanddaisies.com/its-so-simple/


    • Hi, Amy. I could see that this theme was right up your alley! I enjoyed your post. And yes, the slaves’ chapel was such a peaceful and beautiful place, despite the sadness of the slaves’ lives. Thanks for joining us.

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  11. The more myself, along with rest of the world, are going down on this unusual lane in our journey, the more I’m becoming convinced that both of us will not be what we used to be earlier.
    Simplicity will be the new norm of our lives, which is something what we really wished for in the past but probably didn’t strived much for it.
    Lovely snaps for this week, Patti. Especially the sea shore one, which has injected more fuel in my desire to head out to my local beach 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Hammad. I’m glad my beach shot inspired you! I think you’re right about our lives changing from this point forward. How? We’re just beginning to figure it out. Simplicity will be the key–I agree.

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  12. I am all for the simple things in life Patti. But I am one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to keep pace any more in the mad rush we call life. My pleasures involve much of what you have written about. A walk on the beach, a visit to a garden, pottering in my own garden, reading a book, writing blog posts, cooking. Sharing conversations and photos with my family. So I had to think carefully about what simplicity actually means to me and then find some photos that portray those feelings. I hope I have succeeded.
    Jude xx

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  13. Great idea for a challenge Patti. I love the pictures and the sentiment. Funny things that we are, the more we have often the more we want. A return to a simpler life might make us ‘see’ what we have.


    • That’s so true, Wendy. The more we have, the more we want. I’ve been simplifying my life over the past few years and find that it’s liberating. It’s also true that sometimes we have far more than we really need.

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      • It’s all too easy to get caught up in the frenzy to buy, buy, buy something new. I look at what we’ve accumulated since moving into our house and wonder how we got there from the stripped back existence we had when we moved to the farm. 🙂

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  14. Oh, my. It’s hard to imagine what life will be like on the other side of this pandemic. My optimistic voice says we will emerge chastened and be better stewards of our earth. When I read what Mr. Trump and his party are doing, I feel a sense of despair. For now, I do my bit of influencing with words and photography. As always, thank you for hosting our efforts!


    • Hi, Lindy. You’re very welcome. Like you, I swing from optimism to pessimism. The future will probably be somewhere in the middle! Thank you, too for joining us and sharing the good!


    • Hi, OLU. Writing is great therapy, I find. It does help a lot to process what’s going on. And thanks too for your kind words about the shots and for joining us, too! Be well.


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