Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #98: Delicate Colors

When you see how fragile and delicate life can be, all else fades into the background.~Jenna Morasca

This week, our friend Ann-Christine challenges us to visualize “Delicate Colors” for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #98.  Fortunately, spring has arrived here in New England and we are surrounded by budding trees and flowers.

Spring is a delicate time of year, when a sudden drop in temperature or a strong windstorm can shrivel new growth.  But, nature’s persistence is wondrous. Plants may struggle one season, but return in force in the next.

Now, that we’re living again in New England, I’m looking forward to seeing one of nature’s triumphs, the alpine lupins, which grow in meadows in the White Mountains.  This image, stored deep in my archives, reminds me of a glorious day when we first saw a field of lupins.  (That’s our son in the orange t-shirt taking photos.)

Enveloped in Lupins, Bethlehem, NH. Shot with a Canon 40D.

Here is a recent shot taken this week of delicate spring blooms.  I like how apple blossoms framed the image of my husband in the distance on one of our morning walks.


This next shot, taken on Sullivan Island in Charleston, also highlights delicate colors–the sky, the sea, the sand–in a dream-like moment when the sun glistened off the waves and cast the friends in shadow.

My last shot was taken on an evening walk in Lisbon, down by the harbor, which reminds me of this wonderful Portuguese city and culture.  I love the delicate colors of the evening sky and sea and how friends gathered there to share a snack and talk.

Twilight, Lisbon Harbor.  Shot with a Fuji X-T2.

“Delicate” is also on my mind as we enter the next phase of the Covid pandemic.  I recognize the need to find the “delicate balance” between the economic imperative to reopen and the health imperative to slow and eventually. stop the spread of the disease.   Finding this balance has become a political tug-of-war.  I fear that many more lives will be lost as a result.  In past few months of quarantine, we have been living with the truth that life, all life is precious and fragile.  I hope our leaders will heed this truth, but I fear they won’t.

A special thanks to Sue for hosting last week’s Pastimes challenge, which allowed us to share glimpses of our passions and interests.  Thanks, as always, to Ann-Christine for hosting the challenge this week and opening our eyes to the beauty of nature in her part of the world.  I’m looking forward to seeing your “Delicate Colors”.  If you join us, include a link to Ann-Christine’s challenge post and use the “Lens-Artists” tag so we can find your post in the Reader.

In closing, I hope you stay well and stay safe.  Keep creating!  Your presence in our online community helps to reassure us all that we are not alone.   Your creativity is essential, especially during times of uncertainty.

Here’s our schedule for the rest of May:

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    • Thank you, Vivi!! I’m delighted you think so! I’m getting a bit worried that I need to take more shots, more often now that we aren’t traveling as much. The lupines are gorgeous. I hope you get to see them in Sweden, too. I appreciate your thoughts, as always!

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  1. I can never keep track of where you are, Patii. In my mind finding you is much like “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” or “Where’s Waldo?’ But I’m glad you landed on the metaphoric shores of New England because that photo of the lupines just hurts my heart with it’s beauty. Makes me also long for the wildflowers of the Wyoming mountains in spring, but I won’t see them this year. If I go, ’twill be later in the summer but it will still make my heart sing.

    Have a week filled with blessings.


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    • It’s true, Janet! We are like “Waldo….” but we’re staying in NH for a while….until we can travel again. I’m delighted you love the lupins. They are stunning in “real” life. I’m hoping we can see them again in the mountains this year. It’s a bit of hit or miss sometimes. You’re moving soon, aren’t you? I hope it’s an easy transition and that the desert inspires you, too. And thanks for your kind words and thoughts, as always.


    • Thanks so much, Tina. 😊😊😊😊It really feels that way to me…health vs. economics.
      Glad you agree! And thanks for your kind words about my shots. I’m looking forward to seeing yours in a second!


  2. thank you for these beautiful images, Patti. the lupines and spring blooms are glorious and the delicate colors of the skies look so peaceful. loved your thoughts about delicate balance as we enter these ‘easing phases.’ i continue to pray and hope for people to be very cautious and responsible. take care. 🙂 🙂

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  3. Lovely images and wise words Patti. And true for many countries. Let us hope common sense prevails. Here in Ireland they are calling this next phase of some reopening “hold firm”.

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    • Thank you, MM! I like that–“hold firm.” I think that’s a wise choice of words. We’re calling it “reopening…” which causes some confusion in people’s minds since there are still some restrictions.


  4. Lovely “delicate colors” photos. And I agree with you about he delicate balance of life with Covid. The former Prime minister of NZ said ” the economy will always recover but you can’t recover when your’re dead.” That is the truth in my view.

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    • Hi, Anne. Yes, I worry about the balance tipping more towards death. Life seems ever more fragile, doesn’t it? i am worried but grateful at the same time! I love that quote from the PM of NZ! Wonderful! And thanks for your thoughts, as always!

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  5. That frame of apple blossoms looks really good. Glad you ended with that photo of Lisbon. It had such a lovely vibe. I wonder how long before we pass through this delicate stage of the epidemic and what will emerge on the other side.

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    • Hi, IJ. It is a great vibe there–even in March! I wasn’t planning on loving the city, but I did and I want to go back. I share your thoughts about “how long”…We see no reason to ease up to the point of going to restaurants. It still seems far too risky. But I’m learning everyone is deciding for themselves where to draw the line between safe and unsafe. Take care and be well!

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    • Hi, Teresa. Thank you! The lupins are spectacular, as are the apple blossoms. I’m loving seeing all these flowers on our walks. I’ll take a look at your post next. Stay well!


  6. Patti, I love all the photos you shared. The field of lupins is so gorgeous, my dad’s yard is covered with them on one side, so the photo reminded me of how I look forward to the day I can see him again. The apple blossom photo is framed so delicately – love the bokeh! Your last photo gave me a sense of hope. I’m not sure when you took it, but it is a natural example of social distancing. Small groups of people together, yet subtly apart. Stay healthy!

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  7. When I read lupines I immediately think of wolves! They must look lovely in the wild like that. I have only seen them in pictures growing wild in the south island of New Zealand where they look amazing. And your apple blossom is very pretty and delicate. I was getting some photos together today for the challenge – all flowers of course!

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  8. I really enjoyed your collection of nature’s delicacies. Beauty from around the world. It is a delicate balance these days – hard not knowing what comes next as well. Take care.


  9. I sure enjoyed this prompt. It brought me the gentle and delicate that I need right now as our world is crazy. Perfect choice, Patti.


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