Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #112: Pick A Word

First, let me start with a few words about our last challenge.  Your collections of everyday objects brought a lot of smiles into my week.  You showed us a wide range of objects, including owls of all shapes and sizes, a well-loved portrait of John Lennon, a lock with multiple keys, chili peppers, kitchen utensils, multicolored bowls, sock puppets, beach umbrellas, park benches — to name a few.  Your collections were a fresh look at things we might not pay attention to.  They revealed details and nuances that were often surprising.  I truly enjoyed your choices and your explanation of why they were personal favorites.

This week, our friend Ann-Christine leads LAPC #112 with her creative and fun theme.  Can we visualize one or more of the following descriptive words–growing, crowded, tangled, exuberant, and comfortable?  I hunted through my archives for this challenge and came up with this collection:

Tangled Greens on My Lunch Plate at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

One of my favorite places to visit in Boston is the Museum of Fine Arts.  Their lunches are pretty terrific, too.

A Wall of Tangled Graffiti, Melbourne, Australia

This wonderful wall of graffiti on Beaney Lane stopped me in my tracks when we were visiting Melbourne last year.

Summer Flowers Growing in Waltham, Massachusetts

While waiting for my husband to finish a visit to a doctor, I captured this wonderful lilac heather earlier this week.

Desert Flowers Growing in Phoenix, Arizona

On a hike in the Sonoran Desert outside Phoenix, I glimpsed this flower growing in a rocky escarpment.

Growing Despite the Odds. Sonoran Desert, Arizona. Shot with a Samsung Galaxy S5.


Crowded in Rome

After climbing to the top of the Castel Sant’ Angelo (Hadrian’s Tomb) in Rome, we had a great view of the crowded Ponte Sant’ Angelo.

The Roman Invaders. Shot with a Fuji XT2.


Crowded in Grand Central Station in New York City

Grand Central is one of my favorite architectural wonders in New York City.  The majesty and grandeur of the main waiting room is never diminished by the crowds.

Grand Central Station, interior, New York, NY


Exuberant Dancing in Chicago

The Fiesta del Sol is the largest Hispanic festival in the Midwest.  One year I captured these young women dancing in the street.

4 Dancers, Chicago Hispanic Festival, Chicago, IL. Shot with a Canon 40D.


Exuberant Playing in the Hamptons

Early one evening, I captured this young girl taking an exuberant leap from a lifeguard chair in the Hamptons, Long Island.

The Long Jump. Summer, 2015. Shot with a Canon 70D.


Comfortable at Meier Gardens

This bronze statue (Lying Man, 2003)  by the sculptor Sean Henry is made from stone, but the man looks very comfortable as he stretches out in the sun at Meier Gardens.

Comfortable at the Villa Borghese

Venus Victrix by Antonio Canova was commissioned in 1804 by Prince Camillo Borghese to portray his young wife, the younger sister of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.  She looks very elegant reclining on her lounge chair.


A special thanks to Ann-Christine for hosting LAPC #112: Pick a Word and giving us her wonderful creative inspiration.  We hope you join us this week.  In your post, include a link to her post and use the “Lens-Artists” tag so it will appear in the WP Reader. For instructions on adding tags, click on this link.

We’re delighted to announce that our next guest host for LAPC #113 is Rusha Sams who hosts the blog Oh, the Places We See.  Stay tuned for her weekly creative inspiration on Saturday, September 5th.

In the meantime, take care, everyone, and keep creating!

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  1. I’ve not seen Ann Christine’s challenge yet but it sounds like fun. A lovely Croatian blogger used to run a monthly Pick a Word. Shame when people simply disappear, Patti. Great choices 🤗💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Amy! I really love art. I’m glad that comes through in my photos. There’s always so much more to see! I wish I could draw, paint, and sculpt like the masters.😀. I’m happy you like the ones I’ve chosen! I will look at your post next!

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  2. Terrific choices this week Patti – my favorite is your header and later inclusion of the fellow resting – that is perfect! I also loved your flowers, especially the ones in Massachusetts and all of your crowded shots. That little girl jumping is wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Tina. I’m delighted you like these images. I love that little girl, too. What fire and spirit! I admire that. Her brother wasn’t having any part of it! Your shot of the little boy was also priceless.


  3. What fun pictures, Patti. You captured every word perfectly. I particularly loved exuberant young jumper, and your Sonoran desert flower tucked in among the rocks. The Melbourne wall art – gorgeous. We saw Hosier Lane in Melbourne, but missed Beaney.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Marsha. Thank you! I had fun with this challenge. Isn’t that little girl great? I loved that moment at the beach. When. were you in Melbourne? We visited it for the first time last year. A fabulous city. Looking forward to your post, too. :).

      Liked by 2 people

      • I visited Carol Sherritt and Leanne Cole in 2017. Leanne’s a professional photographer, and Carol and I love taking pictures, so, thousands of photos and three weeks later I came back with more photos than I can ever share in a lifetime. 🙂

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  4. That desert flower photo really jumped out at me; it’s a wildflower that grows around here (or something very similar in leaf as well as flower), and also the broken shards of stone around it are lovely. That tangle of salad looks inviting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, IJ. The salad/quiche is my favorite lunch there. It. is delicious!! I’m glad you like the wildflower. I was so taken by the flower growing in an improbably and seemingly impossible place. It’s a good metaphor, I think, for hope. It’s always wonderful to hear your thoughts, IJ.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, John. I have to admit that the first time I saw the reclining man, I thought it was a real person. You turn a corner and see him in the distance! I’m delighted you like these shots. I’m looking forward to your post, too. You’ve been a wonderful supporter of the challenges.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Xenia. I always think of the desert flower as a symbol. of hope…even under unlikely and maybe even threatening circumstances. I am delighted you like these images! I. am hoping you join us.

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  5. The greens are great! Bet they tasted good too with the tart/quiche beneath. But the photo of the little girl is priceless! The boys watching her are gobsmacked at her bravery 🙂

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  6. An excellent gallery, Patti! I must agree with Amy about your included art in the challenges. Wonderful and inspirational – and so well photographed. A real treat.
    Today I fell for the little girl and the lying man – so well captured.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, AC. I really enjoyed your challenge. It was a lot of fun and a different way of looking at photographs. I’m so glad you inspired Paula to take up the challenge again. And thanks too for your kind words about the man and the little girl! Enjoy the week ahead. I hope you still have some summer sunshine.


    • Thank you, Isadora. You brought a smile to this gloomy day!! I’m delighted you enjoyed them. I’ll take a look at your collection next. (The reclining man is great, isn’t he? I thought he was real the first time I saw him…from a distance!!)

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