Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #123: Found in the Neighborhood

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine; could you be mine?~Fred Rogers

Ann-Christine must have had a premonition when she chose the theme “Found in the Neighborhood” several weeks ago for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #123. As the health experts suspected, the fall has brought a resurgence in covid cases around the world and many of us are facing increased restrictions and lockdowns as the virus races through our communities. Consequently, we are spending more and more time in our homes and in our neighborhoods.

For me, one of the “silver linings” of covid has been the chance to get to know Portsmouth, New Hampshire, our new home. So this week, for LAPC #123, I’ll take you on a little tour of some of the highlights of our little town.

You may recognize this view of the harbor, one of my favorite spots in the city. During the summer, I posted a photo of this same spot. Now, in the fall, you can see the grasses in the foreground have turned to shades of rust and gold and the trees in the distance are covered in rich autumn colors. If you look carefully at the houses on the left, you can see a few pumpkins in one of the gardens.

Here’s a closeup of some grasses, shot on another walk in one of the town gardens.

Out of the Mist, Wallis Sands Beach, Rye, NH

Another favorite spot is Wallis Sands Beach in nearby Rye, New Hampshire. This week, we took a long walk along the shore on a foggy morning. The visibility was so low that we couldn’t see the water. Here, you can see a family and their dog walking along the shoreline.

Pampered. Wallis Sands Beach, Rye, NH

On the same walk, I fell in love with this adorable and pampered little fellow. Here, he is debating whether to get his feet wet. His owner was pleading with him to follow her.

You all know my current obsession with lighthouses. My final image is the Portsmouth Harbor Light, a 48-foot cast-iron tower erected in 1878. When the tower was built, cast iron lighthouses were a rare sight. One gentleman from nearby New Castle called it “hideous” and described it as a “corpulent length of stove pipe.” The advocates of cast iron defended it because it was low-maintenance and durable. This lighthouse is proof they were right.

So now we’ve come to the end of my tour of the city, which has charmed us with its history and beauty. I hope you join us this week and share photos of people, places and things found in your neighborhood. In your post, include a link to Ann-Christine’s original challenge post and use the Lens-Artists tag so that everyone can find your post in the WP Reader.

Looking back to last week, a special thanks to the very talented Ana of Anvica’s Gallery for hosting LAPC #122. Her challenge was a perfect way to help spread sunshine and optimism to all of us.

Looking ahead to next week, our friend Amy will host LAPC #124 on Saturday, November 21  at noon, so be sure to visit her site. 

In closing, once again I’m sending my heart-felt thanks to all of you in our creative community for your continued participation, support, enthusiasm, and creativity.  You always inspire us and cheer us on!   I hope you have a wonderful, creative week and please stay safe.

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  1. I loved your tour Patti, what a beautiful spot you found to settle in until COVID departs. The opening image is so sweet , it’s looks so homey and welcoming! And yay for the little lighthouse that could 😊. Finally, loved that you opened with Mr. Rogers, wish I’d thought of that!!

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  2. What a delight. I used to live in Portsmouth, UK, which has a long naval history and many delightful and interesting corners: but which is also much grittier. This looks an excellent place to recharge the batteries – lovely photos as usual.

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    • Hi, Margaret. Interesting. The other Portsmouth. So many places in New England were named for places in the UK. The settlers were homesick, I guess! Thanks too for your kind words about the pics!! That makes me feel good. Take care. Stay well.

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    • Hi, Jo. Thanks! We have been happy here, despite the pandemic! That view of the harbor is one of my favorites here. Glad you like it too. We appreciate the pingback, too.😀. Wishing you a sunny week and plenty of great walks.

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  3. I love old lighthouses, but living in America’s heartland and alternately, the Sonoran Desert, I don’t get to see many lighthouses. Thanks for sharing that harbor light. These days, it is best to stay close to home and get to know the sights in our own neighborhood. Thanks for the tour of yours!

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    • Hi, John. Do you miss the water? I always wonder if I would. We always went to Lake Michigan in the summer because we missed it when we lived in the Midwest. And yes, that’s true. Staying close to home is a safer way to live right now. Take care and stay well. Glad you enjoyed the tour!

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  4. That looks like a lovely place to live and nothing like our Portsmouth, as Margaret mentioned ours is a little grittier. Our Rye is rather lovely though the town is cut off from the sea and harbour now and the beach is stony not sand. Beautiful images. Winter will be interesting.

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    • Hi, Jude. I love how the colonial settlers named so many cities in New England after Old England!! And you have a Rye, too. I didn’t realize that. The beaches are rocky here…and the sand is darker…unlike the beaches in the New York area, where I grew up. So different. And you have rocky beaches. About winter…um…I’m buying a new winter coat! Thanks, as always for your thoughts, Jude. Stay well.


    • Thank you, Terri. (Big smile!). It is pretty here. We’ve driven up the coast as far as Camden, Maine. Next summer I want to go all the way to Acadia. It is so rocky here. Plenty of lighthouses! Thank you too for your kind wishes! Take care.

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  5. You live in such a beautiful place, Patti! This was an envigorating and varied tour with almost everything you could ask for…even a dog or two. This is so much Totti…the expression, the not wanting to get his feet wet. I wonder why I found you in the spam? Must have been the dog…
    Wonderfully refreshing images, beautiful light – but in fact my favorite probably is “Out of the mist”. It is hard to understand why maybe, but somehow I feel that is where we are…in the mist, but together. And together we will get out of it!

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    • Hi, AC. I knew you’d like that little dog! So Totti is that way, too. Our springer spaniel loved the water, but that’s the breed! So, Totti is getting into the emails now!?!! It’s true. We are in the fog now, together, but we will get out of it together. I couldn’t agree more. Take care, too, AC. Hugs.


  6. Thank you, Patti for this pleasant walk of Portsmouth. I, too, love the first image, it’s like a beautiful painting. I love the doggie, lovely sweater. 🙂 What a treat to walk with you. Ooh. Mr. Rogers…

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    • Hi, Amy. Thanks so much! I love that view of the harbor. And that precious little dog. I am so glad you enjoyed the tour! Take care and I hope you enjoy your walk today. Your neighborhood is lovely.


  7. If I’ve learned anything in life, never say “never!” You never know what will happen. But I’m so glad you enjoyed this trip through my neighborhood. Thanks for visiting!


  8. Patti, I adore your puppy picture. What an eye-catching outfit! My sister-in law’s dog looks like the same breed with different coloring but the same facial expression, LOL. The vivid blue in the first picture may be one of the prettiest scenery shots I’ve seen. The tiny dots of clouds and the quaint houses reflected in the boggy water look like a magazine cover somewhere. Have a wonderful week.


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