Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #137: Soft

This week, Ann-Christine delights us with her beautiful images of soft snow, soft clouds, soft flower petals, and of course, her dog Totti with his soft fur.  

I’ll start my collection with a sunrise at my favorite beach nearby.  I love the soft colors in the sky and the soft light.

Winter Sunrise, Wallis Sands Beach, Rye, NH

This week I also experimented with different filter effects in the Nik Collection and Topaz Studio.  Does one filter make the fronds look softer than the other?  The image on the left uses the Nik filter;  the one on the right has the Topaz Studio.

Fronds at Sunset. Left–with a Nik filter. Right–with a Topaz Studio filter.

Here’s one more experiment with Photoshop and Topaz Studio.  Which cluster of anemones looks softer to you?  The one on the left was edited in Photoshop;  I applied a Topaz Studio filter to the one on the right.

In closing, I want to thank you all for inspiring us!  I was delighted by your contributions to the Alphabet Challenge last week.  We “collected” images of dozens of subjects that start with the letter S–everything from shrimp, sushi, and snow globes, to seals, steeples, and sunrises.  We traveled to the Sonoran Desert, Sydney, and the Shenandoah River, and we even saw statues in North Korea.  Your posts were a delight. Your creativity and imagination put many smiles on all our faces.

Next week, March 6, Amy will be hosting Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #138, and as promised, we are revealing her theme in advance.  It is Natural Light.  Be sure to visit her site.  We hope you can join us.  Until then, have a wonderful creative week and please stay safe.


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  1. Lovely post Patti – enjoyed the comparisons of the different filters. For me, the left side Nik fronds and the right side Topaz are the preferred interpretations. Also like that you used the slider. Very effective. Of course your sky is gorgeous!

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    • Hi, Tina. True confessions….those are my favorites, too! I’m glad you agree.😀. That sky was gorgeous! We’re going again tomorrow evening, for what we hope, is a great sunset. We’ll see. I hope all’s well.


  2. That compare tool is perfect for this application. I concur with Tina, my preferences are on the left for the fronds, and the right for the anemonies. Unfortunately, the reader just puts one on top of the other. WordPress needs to fix their reader to support their new blogging tools. >grin<

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    • You’re right, John! I’ve seen that stacking too on the phone. I didn’t realize it was in the Reader, too. I also agree with you and Tina about the left for the fronds and the right for the flowers. Thanks for confirming it! I hope all’s well.


  3. I almost joined you last week with a Six Word Saturday, Patti, but time ran away with me and I couldn’t do the Lens Artists justice. Maybe this week. Love your soft grasses and flowers and I do have some of my own. 🙂 🙂 Have a good week!

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    • Hi, Jo. No worries. I’m imagining that wonderful greenery is sprouting all over your area. I hope you have plenty of time outside in the sun. I am longing for spring, but we have about 6 more weeks left of winter. Spring comes late here! Take care and enjoy the week.

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  4. Hi Patti, I love how you use the slide to show the results of PS, Nik and Topaz. Beautiful post-process images. I also enjoy the filters they offer, sometimes, it can be more time-consumming than it looks. Very well done. 🙂

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    • Hi, Amy. Wonderful! I’m delighted you like them. You’re right–sometimes they are time-consuming. There are quite a few of the Topaz filters I’d never use, but others are useful for different effects. I’ll take a look at your post next. I hope all’s well with you. Plenty of heat, hot water, and electricity!

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  5. I feel as if I’d just been for an eye exam, where my least favorite part is where they ask which view is clearer. I’ve learned how to best do that test and I feel confident to say here that the first comparison was softer on the left while the last was softer on the right. However, I have a caveat. While in the first set, I felt both shots looked real, in the second set, the one on the right just felt as if it were slightly out-of-focus rather than soft. 🙂 Just MHO.


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  6. Lovely post. I think the Nik filter in the first image and the Topaz in the second are softer; however my personal preference in both images are the harder versions. Just personal preference, both work.

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  7. Great with comparisons shown perfectly clear with the slider. And it is left first and then right! Love your examples – I don’t have any of the two, Nik or Topaz. And the sky – is gorgeous!

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  8. I love the Nik filter in the frond image Patti, it gives it a gentle and soft feel, and I’m curious to see what this filter could do with your second image (if you’re up for the challenge!) 💚

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  9. Such a nice collection of “softies”! And I love the Topaz Studio filter on the anemones, if soft is what you’re going for. How fun to be able to play around with nature and soften up any harsh lines. Can you do the same with my face???

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  10. Clever use of the slider effect. For me, the left side Nik fronds and the right side Topaz are the best and the softest interpretations. At ten minutes past midnight my idea of soft is my lovely bed and duck down duvet! But I will have a think and see if I can come up with something.

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    • Hi, Jude. I agree. Soft at midnight is definitely a bed and a duvet! I should have posted a photo of that! Thanks for your thoughts on the images, too. I always appreciate your feedback!

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    • Hi, Sylvia. Thanks for your votes! Everyone agrees, then! That sunrise was gorgeous. What a wonderful start to the day. Many thanks for your kind words.


  11. I like the effect that you get with the filters, Patti. On that last image, I prefer the one of the right, for this purpose. It has a much softer feel to it. And the colors of the sky reflected in the sea are beautiful!

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    • Hi, Sue. Great. I appreciate your feedback. I agree with you on the filter for the anemones. And thanks for your kind words about the sunrise. It was glorious! I hope all’s well with you.

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