Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #140: A Change of Scenery

In Maine, there’s a deeply ingrained sense that you can always get a little more use out of something.~Tim Sample

A warm welcome to Beth of Wandering Dawgs who is hosting the challenge this week. Her theme is perfect for those of us who have been staying close to home for the past few months or even longer.

Last week, Rich and I took a little trip to York, Maine, a seaside town further up the coast. In many ways, I felt like I was stepping back in time as we walked along the rugged Maine coast pounded for centuries by fierce Atlantic winds and tides. On our walk, we took several paths along the water–the Fisherman’s Walk, the Cliff Walk, and ended at the Hartley Mason Reserve.

The Cliff Walk, York, Maine

All along the coast, we saw clusters of homes nestled among the trees …

The Fisherman’s Walk, York, ME

…and fishing boats like the SS Judy Marie shown here…

The Judy Marie, York, ME

And driftwood and rocks weathered by the tides.

Driftwood Art, York, ME

We ended our walk at the Hartley Mason Reserve, a 4-acre park with views of York Harbor Beach. I especially loved this sculpture of tiny figures, all wearing bright red scarves. In the background, you can glimpse the beach and coastline.

This little excursion refreshed both of us and made us eager to take more day trips. We’re planning to return to Crane’s Beach this week in Ipswich, Massachusetts–a beautiful spot that we haven’t seen in dozens of years. My fingers are crossed that my camera is still functioning after a major technical problem and a series of fixes. Hopefully, the firmware update works…

Thanks to all who joined last week’s challenge and shared your beautiful and memorable special moments with us. And a special thanks to Beth for leading us this week. I’m looking forward to seeing the places you’ve visited for a change in scenery. Please remember to link to Beth’s original post and use the Lens-Artists Tag. 

Next week it’s my turn to lead our challenge, so please stop by here and join the fun on Saturday, March 27th at noon.

In closing, thank you, as always, for your continued participation, support, enthusiasm, and creativity, which inspire us!   Have a wonderful, creative week and please stay safe.

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  1. I am a big fan of monochrome, and you provided some interesting examples. I love that shot of the Judy Marie, especially the sun-sparkled water, but leaving the single color in the image of the statues is my favorite!

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    • Hi, John. I’m delighted you like the Judy Marie and the statue. I loved the scarves! So glad that the selective color in that shot “worked” for you. Looking forward to your post, too.

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  2. A perfect getaway Patti, looks beautiful but I found myself wondering how cold it is there on the water in Maine in March! Hopefully you were both bundled up for the excursion, much as your adorable statues were! Loved the fishing boat of course 😊. Hoping your camera issues are resolved!

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    • Are you kidding?? It was warm by Maine standards….in the high 50’s!! We’ve had a week of unseasonably warm temperatures and everyone is celebrating. You’ll laugh…we actually had our coats open it felt so warm!! It’s all relative, isn’t it?? Glad you’re enjoying spring down south. And we’ll see about the camera. My confidence in it is definitely shaken. Fingers crossed.


  3. What an enjoyable walk along the beach. Thank you for taking us along, Patti. It does look cold though. I normal wait until it gets to 50 F for a walk here in the winter time. I love these B/W images.

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    • Hi, Amy. It was in the 50’s, which was wonderful for us! Glad you like them in b/w. It seemed to fit the idea of stepping back in time. I hope you’re enjoying a warm week after your frigid weather a few weeks ago.


  4. Patti, I’m so glad you were able to get out for a day trip to see such beautiful scenery. Choosing black and white was perfect for these images. Thanks for sharing your getaway with us. It was my pleasure to host this week and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.

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    • Hi, Beth. Yes, it was wonderful to have a day trip and it really was a wonderful breath of fresh air. Thanks for hosting this week and giving us a treat–in terms of both your theme and the lovely photos from your day trip. Much appreciated! As for next week….stay tuned.😀

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    • Hi, Anne. Oh, I’m glad you like that one! It was such an interesting piece of washed up history! I’m trying to catch up with my post and comments since I was derailed for a while with my computer and camera issues. Take care and enjoy the week.

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    • Hi, Cee. I’d bet you’d love Maine. It’s interesting how each state has its own vibe. Your part of the country is gorgeous. I’d love to spend time there. Thanks so much for your kind words, too. Have a great week.


  5. I enjoyed the wood in monochrome but long to see the rest in color. Having visited Maine many years ago, I love seeing photos of it and would love to get back again, preferably on a trip that included Acadia National Park. Lovely shots even in monochrome, Patti. 🙂 Now if you would just send me some lobstah!


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    • I know what you mean about the ocean in color. This was an experiment in b & w. 🙂 I think it really works for the driftwood and the sculptures. I am hoping to get up to Acadia this year. Here’s hoping. I’ve never been. As for lobstah…we’re waiting for the warmer weather for it to arrive. 🙂 🙂

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  6. A beautiful place, Patti! Thank you for taking us along. Loved the monochromes, especially with red accents! I did not know about your camera and computer issues – hope they are fixed by now. Wishing you a pleasant week!

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    • Hi, Anne. I always think of the same thing…If the driftwood could talk, it would have a great tale to tell. Thanks for your thoughts and stopping by, as always. I hope all’s well.

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  7. Interesting to create this post in black and white. I really ought to set my camera to monochrome and see what I can capture. The driftwood is wonderful and the sculptures, but I do like my sea in glorious colour.

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    • Hi, Jude. It is a fun experiment. I hope you try it, too. The driftwood does have many layers and textures, doesn’t it? I love it. Take care and enjoy the week.


    • Hi, Siobhan. I’m delighted you like the red scarves! They really stood out in real life, too, because the sculptures are black. There was a little village of sculpted people. What fun. I hope all’s well.

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  8. Call me old-fashioned but I adore monochrome snaps. Every aspect looks enhanced in black and white. A tinge of red and in one of the pics looks stunning. Loved the images especially the close-up of driftwood.

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    • Thanks, Monica! Glad you like them. I was so surprised to see the scarves on the sculptures and wanted to highlight them. I’m happy that came through. The driftwood tells a story, doesn’t it?? Thanks again for your thoughts!


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