Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #163: Keep Walking

This week, Amy encourages us to “Keep Walking” and share photos of our walks. With pleasure, Amy! I’m a big fan of walking for fitness and pleasure.

One of our favorite walking cities is Vancouver, an exquisite city in Western Canada with a population of 2.5 million and miles of shoreline. It’s no surprise that we’ve fallen in love with this city with its stunning architecture and natural beauty.

On our walks, we often take the seaside path that extends from one end of downtown Vancouver to the other. Today, we’ll start at David Lam Park, where the path passes by luxury high rise apartments with great views of the bay.

We’ll keep walking and soon we’ll approach English Bay and Second Beach.

Here we’ll see people sunbathing, swimming, running, biking, and walking dogs. Kids always keep busy by digging in the sand and climbing on the rocks.

We’ll also get to see some striking sculptures like Inukshuk, a symbol from the Inuit people in northern Canada.

If we keep walking, we’ll enter Stanley Park where people play golf, wander through gardens, sit by the lake, or play bowls–like these men on the green one foggy morning.

We’ll end our walk at the Vancouver Convention Center at sunset. I’m tired, aren’t you? We’ve walked over 10 kilometers–which gives you a good idea of how long the path is. Right now, it’s time to sit down and enjoy a great meal, don’t you think?

That was fun, Amy! Many thanks for this week’s inspiration. We hope you join us and share your favorite walks from all around the world. Thanks also to Tina for her “It’s All About the Light” challenge last week. Your photos were glorious and showed us the power and drama of natural light. Thanks for sharing the light with us!

Looking ahead to next week, we’re delighted to announce that Sofia Alvez of Photographias will be leading the challenge, so be sure to stop by her site on Saturday, September 4th at noon. Her theme will be “Looking Up/Down.”

In the meantime, have a joyful and inspiring week, and please stay safe.

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    • Hi, Margaret. The city must have changed a lot in 20 years! We’ve been visiting here for 4 years and there’s so much construction and expansion. I’m delighted you enjoyed the visit with me!

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  1. Hi Patti, That is a long, but enjoyable walk along the beach. It looks like it was a great day for walking in Vancouver. A beautiful set of photos. The skycape of the 2nd image is incrdible! Thank you for taking us there. We still don’t feel comfortable to travel due to the Covid situation in TX, hope it’d be calm down soon.

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    • Hi, Amy. Yes, a long walk, but so varied and fun. Everyone races outside when the sun is shining! Thanks for your kind words about the images, too. You’re wise to be cautious, given the covid situation. It’s just crazy in so many places in the US. Take care and have a good week.

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  2. We love Vancouver. One of the best cities in the world I think. I haven’t walked all of this route but most of it. It is a very walkable city. And I love your photos. We always thought we might get back there again one day, but I doubt that now. I think our days of long haul flights are probably passed.

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    • HI, Jude. So you’ve visited here. Wonderful. Thanks too for your kind words on the photos. I know what you mean about long haul flights. We’re still debating about a trip in October, but cancelled the one in September. It’s not fun in the least! Take care and enjoy your time close to home.

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  3. A wonderful stroll in one of my favorite cities Patti. we did nearly the exact walk a few years back – but we ended it with gelato instead of dinner LOL. I remember the walk AND the gelato perfectly 😊. I know you’re enjoying the company as much as the stroll. Loved your images, especially the last.

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    • Hi, Tina. Oh, it’s one of your favorites! I didn’t know that. As for the grand finale…I really like your idea. You know how to live!! I’m debating which place we should try for gelato. All recommendations are most welcome. 😀. Have a good week!


  4. I especially love the moody skies, Patti. It’s somewhere I’ve never been that always gets a high rating. Thanks for taking me along with you. A canal walk in Leeds might not have the same impact but the company was good.

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    • Hi, Jo. A canal walk in Leeds sounds great. I’ll keep that in mind for our next trip to the UK. Glad you enjoyed our stroll in Vancouver! Have a great visit and enjoy being with family. 😀


    • Hi, Jane. Thanks so much! (Big smile.). Stanley Park is huge!! I don’t think we fully realized how big it is until this trip. We’ve only explored a small part of it so far. It’s wonderful to get your feedback. Thanks again.

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    • You’re funny, Marlene! It IS time to sit down and enjoy the view. I hope you get to go. The beauty here is spectacular. Enjoy the day and have a good week, too.


    • Hi, Chris. I’m sure it’s changed dramatically! I can’t believe the changes in the 4 years we’ve been coming here. And yes, I’m sure you’re right about the seawall. Glad you enjoyed this one! Have a great week.

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    • Hi, Sarah. Oh, yes. Very expensive! I read that Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in the world. But you’re right about the views. They are stunning. Glad you enjoyed this one!


  5. I lived in Bellingham, Washington for several years, not far from Vancouver. Thanks for bringing back fond memories of that city, Patti. I liked your second picture in particular – lovely skies and sand!

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    • Oh, you did! I haven’t spent time in Bellingham, but we may be doing that in the next few months. There are amazing vistas here…Glad you enjoyed the one at the beach. Take care and enjoy the day.

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    • Hi, Anne. Thank you! I’ve heard from a number of people that it’s a transit stop. I hope you can spend more time here at some point. It is really gorgeous here. Have a good week, too.


  6. Your first photo is where I used to live. That was a looooong time ago and there were not all those tall buildings then. I was in a 3 story apartment building that is probably long gone. Thanks for sharing this walk. I remember all if it from my youth.

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  7. We were in Vancouver only once, a cruise stop. We arrived late, were scheduled to visit Butchart Gardens. Then our tour bus has mechanical issues and we were delayed further. We got there with only about an hour of daylight left.
    We did get to see a fireworks display, but would much rather have seen the garden in the daytime.

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  8. Gorgeous skylines and a lovely walk, Patti! I love those beach images you feature so well – they give a sense of freedom and fresh air. Spacey.Vancouver is for sure a beautiful place to be – and you have your family with you!


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