Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #177: Celebrating

Instead of hate, celebrate.


This week, Amy has given us the perfect opportunity to visualize what celebrating means to us.

Over the last two years, I’ve recalled the times when we’ve gathered together with friends and family to celebrate joyful events, yearly festivals and holidays, mark the passage of time, and simply reunite with loved ones. So what are the necessary “ingredients” for a perfect celebration?

What’s a celebration without a toast? This photo marked a holiday toast at RPM, our favorite restaurant in Chicago. Eating there was our end-of-year tradition when we lived in the Midwest.

At this time of year, beautiful light displays remind us that the longer, brighter days of spring and summer aren’t too far away. No matter where we are during the holidays, we always make sure to see the lights illuminating the city or the country. They are necessary parts of the holiday celebration. Here are two images captured at the Holiday Light show at Van Deusen Gardens in Vancouver earlier this week.

What’s a celebration without food? This year we will be eating our way through the holidays in several cities. Several years ago, this beautiful cake helped us celebrate our son’s birthday in San Jose del Cabo.

And a final thought–what’s a celebration without hugs and kisses? This loving moment was captured at a festival in Florence several years ago.

A special thanks to Amy who is starting the holiday season with her Celebrating theme. Thanks also to Ann-Christine whose One Image, One Story challenge gave us the opportunity to share stories about friends and families, communities, and places around the world, as well as your memories and even some mysteries.

Next week, Tina will be leading the challenge, so be sure to stop by Travels and Trifles next Saturday at noon. We hope you join us! In the meantime have a safe and inspiring week.

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  1. I loved your approach to this one Patti – the sparkling champagne is beautifully captured as are the beautiful Christmas lights. It’s an excellent reminder that I need to get out to some of our local light displays this year. Nowadays Christmas for me is all about memories, those of the past as well as those to come. Here’s wishing you a marvelous holiday season filled with memories to be!

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    • Thanks, Tina. I’m glad you’re putting the lights on your list. I imagine the plantations or other historic sites put up beautiful displays. Yes, the memories are what we are “collecting.” I totally agree. Have a good week.


  2. Love this series! I am optimistic that the early reports about the new Covid variant indicate it is less virulent and that we can continue to return to at least a modified form of normalcy.
    Here’s a toast to a happier new year than we’ve been dealt in the last two years.


  3. Love the photos of the night lights … and your first photo reminds me that I am celebrating the joys of a drink I bottled shortly before Thanksgiving …. Have you heard of Lemoncello? Well … mine is Orange-Vanillacello … which I affectionately named Creme Cicle Cello. Yum … and yes … a few slips remain in the glass beside me.

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    • Hi, Frank. Thank you! Yes, I know all about limoncello. 😀. My husband likes the cream variety. I like the original. I haven’t tried the one you mentioned. Sounds interesting. You bottled it? I’m impressed! And yes, a toast to the new year! 😀


    • Hi, Ana. The cake came from a wonderful restaurant in Mexico. 😀. It’s one of my top all-time favorite restaurants. 😀😀. I am hoping you have a great holiday season. A toast to you and the new year. 😀

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  4. Love your take on, Patti! I believe you got it all – from sparkles to kisses. Beautiful decorations captured as well! Wishing you a wonderful season with many beautiful memories to treasure!


  5. Hi Patti

    I like how you describe spending the holidays eating your way through several cities this year! How fun, and your photos of the toast and cake put me in the mood, too. Plus your Hugs & Kisses photo is endearingly charming. Great candid capture.

    Here’s my offering of a Great Blue Heron with cause for Celebrating – a hearty meal of the day’s catch:

    Beautiful Great Blue Heron’s Predator-Prey Life and Death Struggle

    Best, Babsje

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  6. Hi Patti

    Your photos of the Holiday Light show at Van Deusen Gardens in Vancouver are stunning displays. It must have been wonderful to see real-time in person. My favorite holiday memories were riding in the car around the city looking at the Christmas light displays with my parents and sister. Your post brought back those fond memories. Thank you.

    Here’s something from me for Lens Artist 177 Celebrating. I believe in celebrating the ordinary every day, regardless of what the Hallmark Card calendar decrees for any given season:

    Beautiful Great Blue Heron’s Saturday Fun

    Best, Babsje

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