Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #178: You Choose

Tina’s challenge this week gives me the opportunity to say goodbye to Vancouver, which is always a bitter-sweet event. We are always delighted to reunite with our son, but at the same time, we’re sad that we must part again. So, as we pack our backs and say farewell, I’ll share a few photographs of iconic places and events which characterize our time in British Columbia.

On this visit, I made sure to photograph The Digital Orca, an iconic landmark along Vancouver’s waterfront. In 2009, Douglas Coupland pixelated an orca whale in three-dimensions. This sculpture continues to fascinate tourists and locals. If you look closely, you can see the cubes of black, white and gray which are the building blocks of his work.

Summer was exceptionally hot and dry, but we still found some beautiful flowers at Queen Elizabeth Park.

This is a small sample of the gorgeous autumn colors in this part of the country.

The light displays in Morton Park are beautifully detailed and intricately designed. We spotted this one at the end of one of our walks just after sunset.

This iconic view from English Bay Park is one of our favorites. This image was captured a few days ago after a rare day of sunshine. The paths were crowded with joggers, couples talking, parents with strollers, runners, and people like me who were just enjoying a beautiful evening.

I hope you enjoyed my last “roll of film” before we leave Canada in a few days. Please come back to my site next Saturday at noon when it’s my turn to host LAPC #179. I’ll be writing to you from the United States by then.

A special thanks to Tina who is leading the “Your Choice” challenge this week. Please stop by her Travels and Trifles site to enjoy her beautiful holiday memories. We hope you join us this week! I’m already wondering about what themes you’ll choose. I’m looking forward to finding out. Thanks also go to Amy who started the holiday season with her Celebrating theme last week. I enjoyed your wonderfully varied and creative interpretations of how we celebrate all around the world.

In closing, have a safe and inspiring week.

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  1. So glad you had such a wonderful, long visit with your son Patti – I know how difficult is was for you when our two countries were not allowing visits. Vancouver is such a beautiful city and we’ve all enjoyed your terrific images these past challenges. wishing you a safe journey back to the US and a wonderful holiday season.

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    • Hi, Jo. Yes, lots of rain! Twice as much as usual….over 10 inches in November. It’s so true, Jo. We didn’t focus on the weather and really enjoyed our time with Alex. Thanks for your good wishes. Wishing you the same in the new year.


  2. Lovely post Patti. Been never to Vancouver but this post made me somewhat know a bit of this place. Got lovely friends living there and hopefully will have the chance to visit this place someday.What a reminiscing “You choose” photos as well!

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    • Hi, Beth. It has been wonderful! He’s thriving here so that’s terrific. I’m glad you enjoyed the Orca. 😀😀😀 Wishing you happy holidays, too. Thanks as always for your thoughtful comments!!


    • Hi, Jude. Yes, we are visiting. We come from the USA, but until covid we were traveling full time for several years. Now, we divide our time between the USA and Canada and we’re waiting until we can fly overseas again. At some point, we’ll settle down and put down roots. Not yet, though! Take care and have a good week. Thanks as always for stopping by, Jude.

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  3. It’s always nice to visit the immediate family, especially if they live some distance and the visits are fewer.
    Vancouver is on my list of places to visit at some point during my travels. I’ll have to check out that interesting building in your opening photo.
    Happy Holidays!

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  4. I love your choices. A wonderful set of photos. I can imagine how difficult to leave Vancouver, glad you have had a great time with your son. Have a safe trip and enjoy the rest of December.

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  5. Hi Patti

    Your quip about your “last roll of film” is priceless.

    I’m still enthralled by your lovely photo of the illuminated Heron in Morton Park, very creative display of something near and dear to my heart. Did you know that British Columbia has its own Heron subspecies: Great Blue Heron fannini (Ardea Herodias fannini). They are different than the Great Blue Herons that we see in New England.

    I hope you’re enjoying your holiday travels Back in the States now!

    Here’s my second Lens Artist offering for You Choose:

    Beautiful Heron Upstages… Bogart and Hepburn?

    Best, Babsje

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