Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #179: Serene

And here I am sitting again, yes, sitting again by this faithful lamp, feeling indescribably serene and unhurried. I shall travel this day’s path quite calmly and just take a little holiday—my eyes and head are slightly overstressed and overstrained. One must have the patience to do a little less.

–Etty Hillesum

Many of us find serenity in nature. Others find it while meditating. Still others find it when taking photographs. This week we are challenging you to show us serene. Do you feel serene when you visit a special place or sit in your favorite armchair in your living room? Do you find it with specific people or in a specific environment? Do you find it when you drink your favorite tea or eat a piece of chocolate? To get your creative wheels spinning, here are some examples of serene from my collection.

When I arranged these beautiful flowers in a vase and set them on a cabinet in the living room, I could see them whenever I looked up from my computer. Their beauty gave me joy and a feeling of serenity.

This window in the Japanese wing of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is a wonderful example of how Japanese architecture creates a serene mood. I love how the view of the bamboo garden fills the entire window.

This giant sculpture of a meditating woman from Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Michigan exudes a wonderful sense of serenity. It was fascinating to watch how people were drawn to this sculpture.

My last photo was captured at Flying Point Beach on Long Island, New York. It’s one of my favorite places because the sunsets are often spectacular and this beach always puts me in a serene mood.

We invite you to join us this week and show us what serene means to you. In your post, include a link to this post and use the Lens-Artists tag. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos!

I also have two important announcements. The Lens Artists team will NOT be posting a new challenge on Saturday, December 25th, but we will return on January 1st, 2022 for our annual Favorite Photos of 2021 challenge. The number of images is up to you.

Until then, my wish for you–a wonderful week and happy and healthy New Year!

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    • Hi, John. (Or should I say Obi-Wan?). Your comment made me smile–as always! Thanks for that. Yes, she is in the zone. I’m hoping we can all get in the zone for at least a few moments! Take care and all the best in 2022.

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  1. A beautiful topic for this week. I’ve just finished (well, I think I have) wrapping all Christmas presents, so a shot of me taking a nap in an easy chair might be appropriate right now! I’ll see what I can find, though. Until then, I’m lingering on that photo of the meditating woman. She just might be thinking of what to cook for Christmas dinner!

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  2. Beautiful examples of serenity, Patti. Love them all – because they are so different and still…serene. I know that is what we need, always, but maybe especially in these stressful times. Your timing is excellent as is your images. I like it that you mention arranging the flowers, because working with decorations, creating things, can also bring a serene feeling.

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    • Hi, AC. I’m delighted you like the variety of my “serenity” photos! I guess we’re all finding peace wherever we can these days. Yes, the timing worked out just fine considering these stressful times. I think you’re right about finding peace in arranging flowers, decorating and creating. I did that a lot when I was young and it really helps to put us in the zone of blissfulness!! Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2022! ❤️❤️


  3. Serenity for me will come the other side of Christmas, Patti, if we manage the UK visit without encountering problems. But there was a lovely moment this afternoon, when we sat beside the sea in the sunshine, and watched a whole heap of youngsters bring their little sailing dinghies safely back ashore, chattering like little birds. Wishing you many serene and peaceful moments, hon, as we close out this year and get ready to start again. Merry Christmas!

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    • Oh, that moment of serenity sounds wonderful, Jo. I hope you have more of them! Take care and safe travels. The situation is getting crazier and crazier. We’ve had a hectic few days of cancelling our plans for the next 2 months because of Omicron. I hope you have a healthy and happy and satisfying 2022.

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  4. Your images demonstrate serenity right at a time we probably all could use a little peace, Patti! Great theme and I can align it with Sunday Stills tomorrow morning and will add my link then! I agree that surrounding ourselves with flowers brings a certain serenity, especially during this hectic time of year as we all gather for the holidays! Love your Long Island sunset! Too bad we can’t bottle the sounds and scents of it! Have a fabulous holiday and may peace be with you this season.

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  5. Lovely examples of serenity beautifully captured as always Patti. Loved the chair by the window and of course the beach scene. Whenever life drags me down, 30 minutes oceanside is all I need to begin recovery. Serenity indeed. Wishing you peace and joy this holiday season.

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    • Hi, Anne. Little did I know how hard it would be to find some serenity this week! It’s been crazy. I’m soaking up all the serenity I can in this week’s photos. 😀Wishing you peace and joy in the new year. ❤️😀.


    • Hi, Sarah. Thanks so much! It seemed like a good choice for this time of the year. That window is a favorite. I visit it whenever I can. 😀😀. And that beach….ahhh….it’s just wonderful! I’m delighted you shared your moments of serenity, too!

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  6. Lovely photos here.

    I like how you’ve go from flowers to the window frame with vegetation visible. It creates a relationship between those two photos that I find interesting.

    I also quite like the sunset. It’s muted and calm and works well with the sense of size in the photo.

    Here’s mine for this one:

    Curve Faces the Frame

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  7. My favorite is the statue of the serene face, Patti. It’s no wonder she attracts so much attention. She is symmetrical and every aspect of her face is relaxed. No fake smile, no worry lines, no inquisitive tilt to her head. Just serenity. Very beautiful post.

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  8. Hi, Laurie. We’d love for you to join us. You’ll need to subscribe to the leaders of the challenges. You’ll get notifications of the new challenge every Saturday at noon. We always mention who is leading the next challenge at the bottom of our posts, so you will know whose challenge is coming next! In your own post, you’ll add a link to the challenge post (Amy this week and John the first week in February) and add the Lens-Artists tag, so we can find your post in the Reader. Here are links to Amy and John’s blogs:
    Amy: https://shareandconnect.wordpress.com/2022/01/29/travel/. John Steiner at https://photobyjohnbo.wordpress.com

    If you have any other questions just let me know.


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