Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #196: Humor

We are delighted that John of John’s Space is our guest host this week for LAPC #196. Not surprisingly, for those of you who follow his blog, he has chosen the topic of “Humor.” He’s right. ‘We must keep our sense of humor; sometimes it’s all we have left.’

This street artist in Florence has a sense of humor. His/her pollution detector gave me a big laugh.

On a walk in Portsmouth, New Hampshire around Halloween, I spotted the last remains of the Wicked Witch of the East on this front lawn. Thankfully, I didn’t see her evil sister–the Wicked Witch of the West.

This fire hydrant with a happy and sad spigot comes from New York City. I saw it and I had to smile.

Love can be strange and inexplicable….don’t you think? This odd couple was holding hands on the street in Florence.

On a walk in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I discovered the first sign in the middle of the pandemic. It’s laughably true. Who else but Stephen King could have imagined the strange events that unfolded that year? And who else could make it into a movie except Quentin Tarantino?

My final image comes from a friendly neighborhood park in Santa Croce, Florence where the dog run is named after the dog/actor (cane attore) Rin Tin Tin. How perfect is that?

We hope you join us this week and share your laughter with us. Be sure to stop by John’s site for a few laughs and link to his post here. We all need to laugh especially now when world events are often grim. The happiness we share reminds us not to give up hope in each other and the future. That would be a great tragedy.

Once again, a special thanks to Anne for her Colorful Expressions challenge last week. Your posts were a wonderful “riot” of color and a visual feast!

We’ll be back next Saturday at noon when Tina hosts the next challenge. Until then, have a safe and inspiring week!

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  1. Thanks for bringing a bit a fun to my afternoon. Holding hands out of 2 vents! Creative. I also like the 2020 book/movie photo. Not much thinking would be needed to make this movie. Not sure if it would be a block buster, though.

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  2. HA! (I’m saying that a lot this week.) GREAT selections. The nose knows! Soooo right about King and Tarantino. 🥴 Rin Tin Tin was one of my favorite shows as a kid. Different than Lassie. Don’t forget King, the Malamute?, of Sgt. Preston of the Royal Mounties. “Well King, looks like this case is closed.” Great post.

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    • Thanks, Sarah. I laughed when I saw the “nose” and the grates holding hands. I found one right after the other. How lucky! I hope all’s well with you.


    • Hi, Donna. I’m delighted you enjoyed them! Thanks so much for your wishes. We are having a wonderful time. Just what we hoped and needed! Take care, too. Enjoy the week.

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