LAPC #214: Favorite Finds

The journey is the treasure–Lloyd Alexander

We love exploring places near and far and discovering “treasures” on our walks. In Vancouver, B.C., we always see some unexpected sights which invariably make us smile or stare in awe. Here are some of my most recent favorite finds for this week’s LAPC challenge hosted by Ann-Christine.

The Tree People

I walk down this tree-lined street several times a day, but one afternoon, I spotted several “tree people” along the route. They made me laugh out loud.

Lost Lagoon Lake

One evening we took a walk around the Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park and spotted several herons preening and catching fish right before sunset. I love the color of the heron’s feathers and the pinkish sky reflecting in the lake.

Sidewalk Mosaic

By chance earlier this week, I looked down and spotted this mosaic embedded in the sidewalk in English Bay. What a beautiful portrait of the Pacific Northwest.

Raven Discovers The First Men

This sculpture The Raven and the First Men by Haida artist Bill Reid caught my attention in the anthropology museum in Vancouver.

It tells the creation myth of Raven who found the first human creatures inside a clamshell on Haida Gwaii’s Rose Spit Beach. Raven grew bored of watching these beings who were only men. Things became a lot more interesting when he discovered little women living inside a chiton. When he brought the women to the men, Raven was never bored again.

My son and I spent some time by this striking statue, photographing it from every angle. I love how in the Haida creation story women add a richness and complexity to life.

Children Playing in the Park

Earlier this week, we spotted kids having great fun in these inflatable plastic balls. A perfect way to enjoy a late summer afternoon.

Siwash Rock

Last Saturday on a long walk along the seawall, I paused to take a photo of Siwash Rock, jutting into the bay. On the left, you can see several people stopping to admire it.

One Very Cool Dog

I’ll end my post with this charming dog, spotted in Sunset Beach earlier this week. He was enjoying the view, along with his owner who was wearing identical sunglasses.

I was surprised how many treasures I discovered just by taking a closer look at the world right around me. A special thanks to Ann-Christine for reminding me to be “in the moment” and for her inspiration this week. We hope you join Ann-Christine and the rest of the Lens-Artists in highlighting your favorite finds. Be sure to visit her beautiful site and include a link to her post.

Last week, Amy invited us to share our world lit by the sun. Your images were beautiful! Thanks for spreading the sunshine. Looking ahead to next week, it’s John’s turn to lead the challenge, so be sure to visit Journeys by Johnbo on Saturday, September 3 at noon EST. Until then, take care. Have a safe, healthy and inspiring week!

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  1. What a fun and fruitful exploration Patti – you’re so right about being in the moment. Laughed at the story about the raven and also at the tree people – so clever! The heron is really beautiful and the dog with sunglasses is a hoot. Great set of “finds”!!

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    • Hi, Tina. Many thanks! It was a lot of fun. I love going on these treasure hunts. There are more “tree people” so I’m going to go back there and capture all of them. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. And the dog….is a hoot! I’m delighted you enjoyed my collection! I’ll stop by your site next.


    • Hi, Jo. Glad you enjoyed the tree people. There are a few more, so I’ll be sure to capture them before we leave. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. I’m delighted you like the Raven story, too. I’m fascinated at the difference between the Haida story and Adam and Eve. I hope all’s well. Are you back in Portugal?


  2. A set of wonderful finds, Patti! Being in the moment – that’s the way. Love the Haida and the cool dog, and the heron, and…all of them. I can see you had a good time!

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    • Hi, Lindy. I didn’t know that! I thought the sculpture and the story were marvelous. It must be wonderful to know so much about the indigenous culture. I’m just starting to read about it. Thanks for your thoughts, as always. Have a good week, too.


  3. There’s so much fun in your post, Patti and I love that. We all need a bit of lightness in our lives. The dog is amazing, obviously, what a cool dude πŸ™‚ but my favourites are the Raven sculpture and the herons. I could look at them for hours.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Sofia. I’m delighted you enjoyed this one. It’s true. It’s definitely time to add some lightness into the gloomy world news. I think the dog will make me smile every time I look at him! Take care and hopefully have plenty of opportunities to smile this week.

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  4. Patti- the Tree People are so whimsical… sure to create smiles! Next time I work with clay, this will be something I’d like to try. Wouldn’t they make my granddaughter giggle??!

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  5. Wonderful finds, Patti! Love the tree people especially. This doggy is way too cool. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    We came back last night, got up in the early morning to get the post done.


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