Lens-Artists Challenge #240: The Road (Most Often) Taken

Now it’s time for you to show us your favorite “road” in photography. Consider a favorite photographic style like low key/high key, monochrome, etc. Maybe a genre of photography like a preference for architecture, still life, portraiture, etc. Whatever your preference, we’d love to see your images captured in your favorite style or genre.

John Steiner

I’m having a lot of fun trying different genres in photography, which have taken me down different photographic roads: travel, landscape, nature, street, architectural, abstract, and food, so far. Others are on the horizon. That’s why I love joining our photo challenges, because they give me a chance to experiment and get your reactions. Your feedback is wonderfully helpful.

So, for John’s challenge this week, I’m going to concentrate on a few genres which I return to again and again.

Travel and architectural photography are two of my favorite genres. This recent image was captured through a palace window at the Alhambra complex in Grenada, Spain.

As you can see, I used an architectural detail (the window) to frame the image. The scene in the distance was so beautiful and idyllic, it could have come from a fairy tale.

Macro continues to be one of my favorite types of photography. It makes me feel like an explorer discovering new miniature worlds.

This photo was an early experiment with macro photography. I increased the saturation and sharpness until the cactus plants looked like abstract shapes lit up by lights deep within. Some of my favorite macro subjects are flowers and other elements in nature.

As you know, I love photographing architecture. Sometimes when a site seems overwhelming because of its size and its beauty, I focus on the smaller details–like this image taken in one of the Alhambra palaces. I loved the highly-decorated arches and columns. The elaborate scrolls and carvings were breathtaking.

For my last image, I’m sharing a photo of Sir Harold Acton’s estate in the hills high above Florence. He bequeathed his 57-acre estate to New York University, which uses it as an academic center and housing for its international students. We were delighted to be invited to visit the La Pietra campus, which contains several mansions.

If you look closely, you can see two students walking on the path between two mansions. This will give you a sense of the size of the property.

This final image highlights some of my favorite types of photography–capturing architecture, nature, and scenes from our travels.

Many thanks to Tina for her Finding Peace challenge last week. I loved seeing the ways all of you find moments of tranquility. I’m going to try some of them! Next week, it’s Sofia’s turn to lead us, so be sure to stop by Photographias next Saturday at noon EST.

Until then, have a great week, filled with plenty of photo opportunities, sunshine, and good health.

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  1. Unless you are a serious photographer making a living out of the profession in a certain genre I suspect most of us dabble in all sorts of things depending on where we are. I guess flower and garden photography would be my top type including macros, but travel, architecture and more recently landscape photography are also enjoyable. Food, interiors and street photography not so much though it is always interesting to have a go at something out of your comfort zone.

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    • So true, Jude. It’s fun to dabble. So, we both do that! I also see the value of doing things outside my comfort zone. Now if I can only get comfortable asking strangers if I can take their photo…so hard.

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  2. I relate to HeyJude’s comment above, and there is no doubt that non-professionals have an advantage in reaching out to extend their horizons photographically. You’ve hit some of my favorite genres, for sure. I love that cactus photo but the monochrome window view is probably my favorite!

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    • Hi John. The window image has been something I’ve been trying to get right for a long time. The exposure settings have to be just right. This time I came a lot closer! Thanks for the positive thoughts on the cactus, too. That one was almost effortless!

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  3. Patti, I love seeing life through you. It is evident how much you love to travel, yes, but more I love that you capture the little details that might overwhelm us. What a great example in the Alhambra. It is a busy place architecturally and instead of trying to get it all you brought us the window view, and the arch. I can picture you spend hours peeking around corners. Am I right? I think I need to remember to do that more often.

    PS. I love that you described macro as a discovery of miniature worlds. So true. How often down a little bug conveniently show up on a flower photo? Always a pleasure….

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    • I really appreciate your thoughts, Donna. Thank you, thank you! I honestly think focusing on the details saved me in situations where I was so frustrated at not getting a decent image of the “big” picture. I disagree with the idea that the “devil is in the details.” I think the details help us imagine the whole. 🙂 Ah yes, the little bugs are inviting us to take a closer look! Have a great week.

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  4. It seems to me that if you can’t make a decent photo out of the Alhambra you’re probably not into photography. You have 2 beautiful ones, Patti. I’d be satisfied with that. But if I could have an invitation to that estate outside Florence, well, I could try something new!

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    • Hi, IJ. Yes, it works for me. Start small. It helps to focus on manageable parts of the whole. 🙂 The cactus experiment was fun. I should try it again. 🙂 Hope all’s well–at home, on the road…wherever you are.

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  5. I love your photos, Patti. You can tell how much you enjoy architecture, your eye for the details is amazing. But my favourite shot is your last one, everything about it is wonderful, including the two figures for scale.

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  6. Like so many of us you’ve shown that it’s both fun and interesting to try a variety of styles and genres. I always enjoy your architecture images, especially details like the one in the Alhambra. I agree that focusing on details is a great solution when the building as a whole seems overwhelming. But my favourite here is the one of the cacti. I love your strong edit, it really brings out the structure of the plants making them too look almost architectural!

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  7. What a beautiful arch in the the Alhambra palace. Beautiful shot. A variety of photo types keeps things interesting, but you need the eye for it. Btw, I’m halfway through your book, The Incident At Montebello. Really well done. You put a lot of research into it. Great range of characters. It’s scary how true some of the characters are, how easily they can be convinced that they need an authoritarian government. These types can spring up in any era. We’re never safe from them.

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    • I am thrilled that you’re enjoying my book, Dan. That is wonderful. So true what you say about authoritarian governments. We are seeing that now around the world. And sadly, that road to authoritarianism often has tragic outcomes for many people. If you can, please leave a review on Amazon. Every review really helps. Many thanks! As for photography, it’s true that a variety keeps things interesting and increases the challenge! Take care and have a good week!

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  8. You picked two of my favorite genres, Patti. Love how your succulents fill the frame and your composition of the ornate columns. Can’t wait to get back to photographing the gardens!


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