Lens-Artists #244: Glowing Moments

Happiness is hard to recall. It’s just a glow.

Frank McCourt

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome Siobhan of Bend Branches as our guest host this week. Her blog is filled with many wonderful images of people and places in and around her home in Bend, Oregon. This week she has inspired us with her theme “Glowing Moments,” which coincides with 3 recent visits in March with loved ones in America and the Netherlands.

Sometimes, when Rich and I meet friends and family, there’s a confluence of events and moods and expectations. In these moments, we fall back into an easy rhythm and truly enjoy being with each other. Memories of those visits, of time spent together are glowing moments–of friendship, of reunion, of happiness.

During a visit to Amsterdam last month, we were able to share wonderful experiences with our cousin–trips to museums, the symphony and dinners at her home and at restaurants. She told us not to miss a once-in-a-lifetime exhibit of Johannes Vermeer’s works at the Rijksmuseum. For the first time ever, most of his works were gathered from museums around the world and exhibited together. Known for his brilliant use of light in scenes of every-day Dutch life in the 1600’s, Vermeer’s works seemed to fill the gallery with golden light. Here you can one of his most famous works of a milkmaid bathed in the sunlight from a window above.

If you’d like to see more of Vermeer’s work, click here to view videos about him and his paintings.

We also spent a day visiting the Kröeller-Muëller Museum, which houses the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s works and intriguing modern pieces–like neon sculptures by Bruce Nauman and Dan Flavin. I loved Nauman’s message: The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths.

One night in Amsterdam, we were walking back to our hotel and I stopped to capture this canal scene in the Jordan district. A glowing moment, for sure!

I’ve posted a few photos from our visits to Seville and Grenada with my sister-in-law in March, but here’s one more–the stunning ceiling at Iglesia San Nicolas at the summit of a winding path through the Moorish part of the city. The church dates from the 1500’s, but after it was badly damaged in the Spanish Civil War, it was rebuilt with distinctly modern features like this ceiling.

My final photo is from our most recent trip to Rome with my sister, whom I hadn’t seen in a long while. It was so much fun sharing some of my favorite spots in the city and seeing her enjoy some delicious Roman dishes like cacio e pepe.

This view of the Spanish Steps was captured one evening after climbing to the top and looking down at the Via del Corso. You can see the evening sky and the sunset just beyond the apartments and stores already illuminated. People still lingered on the steps for another photo or another chat. Moments later, we sat down and enjoyed a terrific meal.

It’s my turn to thank Siobhan for being our guest host this week and inspiring us with her fabulous Glowing Moments prompt. We hope you join us and link to her original post. I’ve enjoyed posting about these 3 recent visits with loved ones, filled with glowing moments that will sustain us as we experience life’s uncertainties, its upturns and downturns, times of joy as well as sadness. Through it all, these memories will burn brightly.

And more thanks to Donna for her “It’s Tricky” prompt last week. You all shared a wonderful variety of “tricks” and great creative ideas for using filters and other new techniques.

Next week, Tina will inspire us, so be sure to visit her gorgeous site next Saturday at noon EST to see her beautiful photos. Until then, have a week filled with sunshine, good health and inspiration!

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  1. Marvelous examples this week Patti! I’ve been reading about the Vermeer exhibit and am insanely jealous that you got there! You made the perfect choice on the painting. Also loved the modern ceiling – what terrific color and movement in it! How fun to have had so much company these last few weeks to share your favorite places and the delicious Italian food ❤️. The image of the town center may be my favorite this week although it’s a tough choice!

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    • That’s wonderful to hear, Tina! I’m so glad the trips with relatives coincided with this challenge. It’s been hectic and wonderful at the same time….you know how that is! Vermeer was amazing….and very crowded, but I was patient and waited for an unobstructed view. 🙂 Take care and have a good week.


  2. It sounds like you’ve had a busy few weeks! I love how you’ve combined the notion of glowing moments with family and friends alongside this collection of glowing photos 🙂 And now I’m yearning for cacio e pepe! Surprisingly, the last time I had it was in an excellent Italian restaurant we found in Medellin, Colombia!

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    • Thank so much Sarah for your insights and thoughts. Ah yes, cacio e pepe. A heavenly dish. Now, I want to make it for dinner one night this week. 🙂 I’ll stop by your site to take a look, too.

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    • Hi Brian. Very green! It was so different from the Van Gogh section in the museum. Startling, in fact! Glad you like the Spanish Steps. What a beautiful spot at that time of day. Hope all’s well.

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    • Thanks so much, Anne! I am delighted with your kind words about the photos. They were terrific times with relatives. A wonderful glow! I hope you have some radiant moments with friends and family this month.😊👍

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  3. Vermeer and other master artists excelled at capturing glowing light so well. I loved how you captured the glow of the canal in Amsterdam and in the Spanish Steps in Rome, Patti. Sounds like you had a great trip with your sister!

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  4. Thanks for pointing out the glow can come from inside or a literal glow from outside a person. My favorite shot this week is the canal scene from Amsterdam. My favorite view of any city is at night with the lights glowing…and me generally not in the city. 🙂

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      • It takes both kinds of mice, Patti, and the more mice in the cities, the less where I like to be. 😁. We’ve lived in the suburbs all our lives, so it’s not like I’m not around the city, but my favorite places are out of the city.

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  5. Glowing moments, made better with those who surround you.

    At first I thought the steps were a light covering of snow. The lights with the sunrise feels like an invitation, as you say.

    Amsterdam is such a poetic city to me, the neon art with quote was neat. My favorite photo is the ceiling at the church. Soft looking. Great post.

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    • Hi Donna. Yes, they are glowing because of the people we’re with. 🙂 Amsterdam is a poetic city. So unique and with amazing engineering. Glad you like the church ceiling. Yes, it’s soft looking. I totally agree. Have a good week on the road!

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  6. Patti, that black-and-white of the canal lights is stunning, but the last two images, especially the stained glass, are beautiful as well. It makes me want to head to northern Europe, but we’ll wait awhile since our recent journey “across the pond.” 🙂

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  7. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and viewing the stunning photos that accompany it. The theme of “glowing moments” is beautifully captured through the use of light, color, and texture. I particularly loved the image of the sun setting over the mountains, with the warm glow illuminating the sky and casting long shadows over the landscape.
    The photo of the jellyfish also stood out to me, with its ethereal glow and delicate tendrils.

    Thank you for sharing these glowing moments with us.

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  8. There’s a very special glow at that time of the blue hour when the artificial lights get a little brighter than the sky. Your photo of the Spanish steps are wonderful, they capture that light. Great collection of art too.


  9. It was fun getting a glimpse into your recent travels. I enjoyed each part, from the artists to Rome. Wonderful glowing photos in Amsterdam and Rome, and the artist posts were illuminating.


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