Lens-Artists #250: Skyscapes or Cloudscapes

Bows and flows of angel hair and ice cream castles in the air and feather canyons everywhere, I’ve looked at clouds that way.

Joni Mitchell

For this week’s Lens-Artists challenge, Amy asks us to look up at the sky. No problem, Amy! I love how clouds can instantly transform the weather, the mood of a place and the people in it. Clouds in the sky remind me that change is a constant, not stability! So, for this week, here are some images captured this spring under variable skies.

This first image was shot in Amsterdam in the Museumplein, the site of several major cultural institutions–like the Rijksmuseum and the Concertgebouw.

Snow and rain had fallen the day we arrived and filled this reflecting pond with water. But, on the following day, the weather shifted. This bright, clear sky made us believe that spring would soon arrive.

He who seeks eternity should look at the sky, he who seeks the moment, should look at the cloud.

Mia Couto

The mood in Malaga, Spain is …..in a word….beachy, which isn’t surprising given its prime location on the Costa del Sol.

A local sculptor carves these giant alligators in the sand at the Playa de la Malagueta. Turquoise skies, wispy clouds, and cone-shaped paraguas de palma complete the beach scene.

Heavy clouds were putting out the stars.–

 Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Here’s the same stretch of beach several days later as storm clouds were swirling above us. You can still see a narrow band of turquoise sky just above the horizon. A reason to hope for sunshine the following day.

Don’t forget: beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies.

– Paulo Coelho

This image was captured several days ago in Malaga, from the Muelle Uno, the revitalized port area. I’m sure I’ll be posting more photos of this beautiful harbor in the coming weeks. What a gorgeous end to a beautiful day.

The sky and the sun are always there. It’s the clouds that come and go.

– Rachel Joyce

This final image was captured in in Florence under changeable skies. Many visitors to Florence soon realize that there are 3 statues of Michelangelo’s David in Florence–the original in the Accademia, and copies in the Piazza della Signoria and in the Piazzale Michelangelo high above Florence. On one of our walks up and down the hills, I captured this image of David in silhouette.

We invite you to join us this week and share your cloudscapes. Be sure to visit Amy’s site and enjoy her beautiful images featuring clouds. Include a link to Amy’s site so we can easily find your post in the Reader. Last week, we all enjoyed your artistic finds near and far. A very special thanks to John for his inspiring theme.

Looking ahead, Anne Sandler will lead us for Lens-Artists #251, so be sure to stop by her site next Saturday at noon EST. In the meantime, have a week filled with hope, sunshine or rain (depending on what the earth needs), and inspiration!

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  1. Thanks, Anne. Wonderful! I’m delighted. The alligators got washed out by today’s rain, but the sculptor will be back tomorrow….I’m sure. Hope all’s well with you.


  2. Oh wow….these are all great!! But I’ve gotta vote for the ones from Malaga, one of my favorite cities. and most especially the one with the turquoise in the horizon, so lovely!! I did not know that about the three Davids in Florence and I saw the one at the Accademia eons ago. Cool 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, there are 3 Davids…a fun fact! And yes, Malaga is a lovely city. We are enjoying our time here. It’s so beautiful and the people are very friendly. Enjoy your weekend and the new week.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great selections, Patti! What a treat to enjoy the cloudscape from different places you have traveled. The B&W is really a cool shot. Breathtaking Malaga beach. I love the angle you took of this magnificent statue.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much, Amy! It’s been great capturing the sky here in Malaga. So beautiful. And thanks for your thoughts on Amsterdam and David. The skies have been so changeable…but sometimes that’s great for taking photos!


    • Hi Tina. I just knew you’d like the alligator!! The sculptor has re-constructed the 3 alligators 3 times since we’ve been here…rain, people running over his works, the maintenance people raking the sand….and he keeps coming back. I took a peak at your clouds/skies….wow! I’ll stop by shortly. Have a good weekend…


  4. Wonderful skies Patti and great quotes to go with them, especially the first from Joni who is an absolute favourite of mine 😀 As for favourite shots, I’ll pick the first for the wonderful reflections and effective use of monochrome to bring out the contrasts in the sky, and the last one of Michelangelo’s David for the drama of that unusual perspective!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Jude. I thought I had replied to you, but I don’t see it here! Yes, it’s true. We do get around. Next week is Berlin. We’ll settle down in July but May and June are full of travel plans. I hope all’s well. Glad you like David!

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  5. Truth. The clouds change more than the weather. They bring mood, and can often change our plans as well. The Couto quote defines the attitude we can choose.

    The skies over Malaga feel familiar, and the alligator sand art is fun. I think I might go down the the beach daily to see what’s new.

    Clearly, spring was on the horizon with a look at the Amsterdam reflecting pond. People seem to come out of the woodwork with a nice day. Look at everyone enjoying the pond WITH you. I can only image the tulip fields surrounding the city about now.

    The purples you captured in the skies was so pretty. I look forward to seeing more of that port area. I love being near the ocean…too


    • Hi Donna. We go down to the beach every day and check on the status of the alligators! I wish we had gone to Amsterdam a few weeks later when the tulips were in bloom. We managed to see a few in town, but it was still too cold. It’s true…when the sun comes out and it warms up everyone runs outside!! In rainy places like Vancouver, the joy is almost palpable! You love the desert and the ocean! Me, too.

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    • Hi John. Yes, there are 3! I was so surprised when I discovered that. Malaga is beautiful….as you know. It’s not swimming weather yet, but the walks along the beach have been wonderful.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh wow – David under the clouds! Side note – I have always felt like the pose of David is like that of a present day fashion model with his jacket in hand (instead if the sling) 😂. Does it not look like that?

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  7. Great photos! My favorite, if I had to choose, is the first one. I love the black and white, so stark and yet so dynamic. This is a wonderful sentiment: “Clouds in the sky remind me that change is a constant, not stability!” Maybe that’s why I love clouds so much 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Marlene. The alligator disappears in the rain and comes back when the sculptor comes back. Amsterdam was crazy–one day with snow and the next with spring-like sunshine.


  8. Hi Marlene. Oh, that poor alligator really got banged up with the rain this week, but I’m sure the sculptor will be back! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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