Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: # 27 My Travels to the Northern Beaches, Sydney

If there’s a heaven for me, I’m sure it has a beach attached to it.~Jimmy Buffett

We often “build” our trips around destinations where friends and family live.  Sydney, Australia is no exception.

For the past 3 weeks, we’ve stayed with dear friends who live in the Northern Beaches area, outside Sydney.  This area extends from Broken Bay in the north to Port Jackson (Sydney Harbor) in the south.  Walking and cycling trails border these beaches, famous for their surf and pristine waters.  Some beaches are nestled within parks and at least one of them is adjacent to a golf course.

When our friends offer to take us to their favorite beaches, we’re always eager to go.  Every one is unique.  Here are some of my favorites:

Curl Curl Beach

The sandstone cliffs at Curl Curl Beach are breathtaking.  We came for a visit right before sunset.  The coloration of the sand was as striking as the evening sky.

Curl Curl Sand Dunes. Shot with a Google Pixel 2

Here’s another shot of the beach and evening sky at Curl Curl.  In the distance you can see the town of Manly, built into surrounding hills–another dominant feature of this terrain.

Curl Curl Beach at Sunset. Shot with a Google Pixel 2

Long Reef

On another day, we hiked up the hills at Long Reef, tucked in between nature reserves.  It also adjoins Long Reef Golf Club.  I love the undulations in the coves and inlets.

Long Reef Panorama. Shot with a Fuji X-T2.

Balgowlah to Manly Beach Bush Walk

This walk took us through some dense brush, which opened suddenly to beautiful vistas of the harbor, bays and inlets.  The full coastal walk is 10km (6.2 miles), but it’s possible to hike shorter sections.

In some places the brush was scorched by fire, but here you can see the first patches of green as the scrub regenerates.  In the distance, through the brush, you can see flashes of the harbor.

Twisted and Burned. Balgowlah to Manly Bush Walk. Shot with a Fuji X-T2

Dee Why Beach

To go out with the setting sun on an empty beach is to truly embrace your solitude.~Jeanne Moreau

Two weeks ago, we caught a rare foggy day at Dee Why Beach.   A woman walking along the shore seemed to appear out of the mist.

Cloudy Day at Dee Why Beach. Shot with a Google Pixel 2


My life is like a stroll on the beach… as near to the edge as I can go. ~Thoreau

One afternoon, we walked to Sydney’s most northern point–Barrenjoey Head, which is 91m (299 feet) above sea level.  We climbed a steep path with stunning views of Broken Bay and Pittwater.

Walk to Barrenjoey Lighthouse, Palm Beach View. Shot with a Fuji X-T2

Next week, we’ll say goodbye to our friends and head south to explore another province and another city.  Melbourne, the coastal capital of Victoria, is a city of 4.4 million people, famous for its cultural life, innovative cuisine, and international flare.  Sounds good to me!

A special thanks to Amy for this week’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge #27, My Travels.   Wishing you a great start to the new year and an inspiring week.

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  1. Awesome gallery of the Northern Beaches. The view from the Lighthouse reminds me of Koh Phi Phi in Thailand, only it was much smaller. I think my favourite is “Cloudy Day at Dee Why Beach”, really like the mood in this one.
    Wishing you a wonderful time in Melbourne.

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    • Hi, Hanne! I’m delighted that you stopped by! I appreciate your kind words about the shots. It has been a photographer’s paradise here in Oz. We haven’t been to Thailand yet. It’s on our long list of places where we want to travel. All the best to you too in 2019.


    • Hi, Janet. There is no better place to relax, I think. The water, the waves, the sun…heavenly. I definitely understand your love of the mountains, though. They are exhilarating. Have you been to the Alps yet? I’ve flown over them. Magnificent.


  2. What fun Patti – looks like you’re definitely making the most of your trip! Loved the shot high above the beach, and also the black tree forest. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip as it evolves!

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  3. Beautiful, Patti – some gorgeous beaches I understand! Even if I am a forest person, I do appreciate the sound of water and waves – and beautiful shots like yours! Wishing you more beaches and more fun down under!

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    • Hi, A-C. Thanks for your kind words and wishes. 🙂 The beaches here are amazing. I must confess that I’m not the type who likes lying in the sun for hours. I’m happy wandering and taking pictures!! I can understand your love of the woods. They are majestic and calming, aren’t they?


  4. >> We often “build” our trips around destinations where friends and family live.
    I have a huge smile on my face… I thought only Chinese do this. 😉

    Lovely photos, Patti. I don’t know why, some look like paintings for me and I love it.

    Have a great day.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Patti and Dick! I had no idea you were in Australia. We have MOED cousins by the name of Leibler in Melbourne. Marc L. is a well-known attorney there. I knew his grandmother when we were girls in Antwerp, Belgium. Hjope you can meet!

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  6. There is so much positive side being on the beach breathing the salty air and soaking up the sun. My goodness, your place is a paradise. Love the woman coming out of the mist.

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  7. Great post! How nuts was the sea fog?! I was snorkeling that day & it was clear and blue when I first dove in. When I resurfaced and looked back toward the beach – someone had stolen it ! I was surrounded by nothing but white, land was nowhere to be seen! It definitely made for a fun return to shore !

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  8. Hi Patti, Your beautiful images bring back wonderful memories from when we lived in Sydney. The Manly Walk is amazing and I’ve stood at that same spot at Barrenjoey. 🙂 Incredible beauty. Enjoy Melbourne – you will love the street art. Wishing you many adventures like this in 2019!

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    • Hi, Jane. I didn’t know you lived here! What a great experience. We have tried to live abroad at various points in our lives, but unfortunately the plans fell through. Thanks for your kind words on the shots and all the best to you in 2019! More adventures, more light, and more beauty to discover.

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