Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #81: Find Something Red

Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.~Bill Blass

Sometimes in the middle of winter, the world is reduced to stark shades of black and white.  This is the time when my eyes are drawn to bursts of color.  I often notice coats, scarves, and other objects in bright shades of red–a happy color, especially in the winter.  No matter what the season, this color is emotional, fiery, and sensual.  It is hopeful and passionate.

For this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, we’re inviting you to a photo scavenger hunt to find things that are red. To get you started, I’ll share my recent scavenger hunt for the color red in Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah did not suffer the ravages of the American Civil War because it was captured by the Union Army and not destroyed.  For this reason, its colonial architecture dating from the 1700 and 1800’s is beautifully preserved.  In the last few decades these fabulous structures have been lovingly restored like this inn in the Historic District.  The colorful red flowers and flags caught my eye.

Put on your red shoes, and dance the blues.~David Bowie

On my hunt for “red” this week, I stopped by E. Shaver’s, a local bookstore housed in a building dating from the 1800’s.  The store is home to thousands of books and 3 cats, who curl up on the windowsills and tolerate admiring glances.  In the shop, I found this cozy corner with red pillows, carpet, and multiple “red” items.  How many can you find?  (Hint:  Look out the window, too.)

With a smile that glow’d Celestial rosy red, love’s proper hue.~John Milton

Savannah is one of America’s first planned cities, originally built around 24 unique squares.  While I was walking through Wright Square, the Lutheran Church of the Ascension with its bright red door caught my eye.  Near the church, you can also see a typical red brick townhouse and the traditional Spanish moss hanging from the cyprus trees.  Among the visitors that day, I spotted an artist sketching en plein air, and a mother with her child.

When I haven’t any blue I use red.~Pablo Picasso

On a visit to the Telfair Museum, I spotted this wonderful painting in vibrant shades of red and blue.  It was one of my surprising “finds” this week.

This week, we invite you to share your “red” shots with us.  Your posts always surprise and delight us.

Here are some guidelines for this week’s challenge:

  • Plan to visit a place near or far, such as a park, a neighborhood, a city, or even your own home.  If you wish, you have the option of “visiting” your photo archives.
  • Capture shots which feature the color red.  For an extra challenge, take (or find) a photo that has several red components.
  • Post as many photos as you wish.
  • If you visit a place, give yourself a set amount of time for the hunt, such as an afternoon, a day, or a weekend.
  • If you’re new to the challenges, click here to learn how to join us.  Remember to link your post to this one and use the Lens-Artists tag to help us find your post in the WP Reader.

Have You Seen These Great Posts from Tina’s Leading Lines Challenge Last Week?

A Special Announcement:  All of us at Lens-Artists are delighted to announce that next week’s challenge (#82) will be hosted by our special guest host, Viveka of My Guilty Pleasures.   Please be sure to visit Viveka’s site on Saturday, February 1st to view her challenge.  For the rest of February, we’ll return to our usual weekly schedule:

As always, Amy, Tina, Ann-Christine, and I look forward to seeing your creative responses to the challenge and thank you for your support!

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  1. Excellent choice for the week Patti, loved your images of Savannah. There are so many similarities to our fair city of Charleston including the antebellum architecture (which you’ve captured beautifully!)


  2. Gorgeous, Patti. I’m a fan of red and use it a bit in my house. It lifts the wood that covers almost every surface. I remember one June in Wellington watching a train disgorge it’s city workers. They plodded past me in their black overcoats but one one woman positively bounced down the road in her red coat. Red lifts spirits too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Paulie. I’m glad you joined us. I love those setters ( a great choice for the theme) and your bridge shots. Thanks too for your kind words. Have a great week, too.


  3. Isn’t there an old movie called “the Red Shoes”. They possess the dancer wearing them and she comes to a sad end I think. It was the quote from David Bowie that set me off on that tangent. Anyway… very nice and very interesting response to ‘Red”Patti.


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  5. Patti, a cheerful topic … red has that effect on us … at leat me. I love many colours but is my favourite. Suits my personality. Great gallery … the red door, well spotted. Yes, next week is it all up too me. What an honour.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Beautifully captured examples of red, Patti! Love very much the Savannah images. A fun challenge – where I started off with “find”…! Wishing you a great weekend!


  7. Ooh! I love that book corner with the red pillows and the lovely stuffed viking(?)! And the beautiful shot in the park where you’ve captured the painter painting en plain air and the young mother with her child – the Spanish moss hanging from the Cyprus trees is magnificent, as is the lovely red door in the church. What a beautiful post and challenge, Patti!


    • Hi, Sarah. Thank you! The stuffed animal is from the children’s book, “Where the Wild Things Are,” by Maurice Sendak. I read that book to my son and I enjoyed it as much as he did!! I’m so glad you enjoyed these shots of a very beautiful place. We always enjoy our visits there. I appreciate your kind thoughts!

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  8. I LOVE that you are posing this as a take-a-current-picture challenge. I think that’s what it should be like every week to be true to a challenge and get us OUT there photographing rather than surfing through old ones on our computers. I am going to try to do that either way with your future challenges (mostly since I don’t have the time to surf through my gallery). It tells a lot about us and our daily lives this way, too. ❤ I very much enjoyed your gorgeous area.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Laura. Thank you! It is fun to go out and shoot with a specific purpose in mind. I do that from time to time and it really “stretches” my photographic skills. I’m glad you agree and that you’re going to try to do that. Thanks again for your thoughts on my shots too. Savannah is gorgeous.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I like the theme you chose – and the variety in your post – fine art – street shot – architecture- inviting pillows = and lots of moods….

    and while red can lift the mood, stir up appetite, and help remove sadness – it can also be kind of intense and I heard that people with migraine headaches need to avoid red rooms.


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  11. Patti, what a great walk down memory lane with the Savannah tour! Your pictures are enticing and I’m ready to return for another visit. Similar to Charleston, the gorgeous antebellum homes, churches plus magnificent oak trees can be an unforgettable glimpse back into time.

    I like how you incorporated the “red” theme into your Savannah visit!
    This is my blog on Red: https://mycolorfulexpressions.com/lens-artists-photo-challenge-81-seeing-red/

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  12. What great finds, Patti!! A pop of color always brightens a winter day! 🙂 My son moved down to Savannah right after he graduated from high school last year. He worked in downtown on the river and loved it! He’s back here, but if the family he moved down with hadn’t moved back, he’d probably still be there. 🙂 Here’s mine: https://bedlamanddaisies.com/seeing-red/

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    • Hi, Nora. There are some beautiful churches in Savannah. We went to the synagogue, too–one of the oldest in the USA. Fascinating. The bookstore was a great find! I loved it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and joining us!

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  13. Beautiful photos, and that HOUSE–the first photo. WOWSA! I used to have an instamatic that took black and white and red photos. Red was the only color the camera “saw.” Such fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Rabirius. Yes it is a troll from the children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are. (Sendak). It’s a great story if you haven’t read it. It’s for kids and adults!! And thanks too for your kind words on the shots.


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