Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #173: Interesting Architecture

Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.

~Julia Morgan

This week, Tina invites us to share examples of interesting architecture from our archives or from our recent travels. I’m a big fan of classic architecture, which never fails to astonish me. But much to my surprise, I chose 3 images of modern buildings from our recent stay in Vancouver and 1 photo of a classic structure from a trip to London two years ago.

I watched the construction of the Vancouver House over several years. It has a stunning architectural design that is wide at the top, but it dramatically narrows on the way down. At last, this ultra luxury condo has been completed and owners now occupy the apartments. I captured it on a recent evening at twilight.

Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.

– Frank Gehry

The Vancouver skyline changes every time I visit. As you can see, a number of modern skyscrapers face the harbor and have spectacular views. I wonder whether by Frank Gehry’s definition, these buildings will seem timeless 20 or 30 years from now. These new skyscrapers made from steel and tinted glass feature balconies, open floor plans and stainless steel appliances. As we move towards more sustainable and recycled materials like mass wood and ferrock, I wonder if these structures will seem timeless!

Any architectural work that does not express serenity is an error.

 Luis Barragán

This staircase is the only “dated” architectural example I’ve chosen this week. The Wellington Hotel in London won me over with its curved staircase, wrought iron railings and beautiful mosaic floor. I love its classic style and the feeling of serenity inside its wood-paneled dining room. I wonder if you agree.

Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.

~Le Corbusier

In closing, I’d like to share a magnificent modern structure that we spotted on a recent walk through the city. When I looked closely at the ARC Vancouver tower, I noticed a swimming pool 200 feet above our heads. (Between the two towers, you can see someone swimming in the rectangular pool. Just click on the photo to enlarge it) I’m dreaming of swimming laps up there. Can you imagine the view?

A special thanks to Tina for her wonderful challenge this week. I’m always on “the hunt” for interesting architecture, so this subject was right up my alley! We invite you to share your architectural finds with us this week. Be sure to visit Tina’s site to see her beautiful photos from Kiawah and other locations around the world.

Last week, Amy delighted us with her A Day of My Week Challenge. I loved the glimpses into your lives and the experiences you shared. A special thanks to Amy for inspiring us.

Next week, it’s my turn to lead LAPC #174, so please visit my site next Saturday at noon to join the fun. In the meantime, have a joyful and inspiring week, everyone!

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  1. LOL Patti, I thought it was clever that they’d put a wide screen TV between the two towers! Thank goodness you explained it. When I enlarged it I could clearly see the swimmer. I think I’d get dizzy looking down thru the pool bottom!!! I loved your classic architecture stairs with their lovely carpet – that would get my vote as architectural masterpiece. Great selection for the challenge. You’re in such a perfect spot for this challenge, Vancouver is a wonderful city!

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    • What fun! A wide screen TV! Now that would be something else! You know, the more I think about it, I’d get dizzy, too. But I’d love to try it at least once. 😀. Glad you like the carpeted staircase, too. I fell in love with its old-world charm! Take care and have a great week. Plenty of sunshine and warmer weather, I hope!


    • Hi, Anne. Wow! Many thanks! There is a “sister” building going up now to the Vancouver House. I’ve got to take a few more photos of it. I’d worry about the integrity of the building! It looks too fragile, doesn’t it?? Take care and enjoy the week.

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    • Hi, Frank. It’s true. There are so many styles. I wonder when we’ll go back to smaller rooms and no more open concept designs. I love watching how the styles evolve. Enjoy the week and thanks for your thoughts, as always.


  2. Fabulous photos, Patti! I particularly love that first building, though I’m not sure I could live in it – or afford it! I’d sooner luxuriate in that hotel. What a stunning staircase shot! Have a great week!

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    • Hi, Jo! Glad you stopped by. I always enjoy hearing your thoughts. I totally agree about the Vancouver House. I’d like to see the inside and walk around, but I couldn’t live in a building that is designed to sway in the wind! Yikes! I’m delighted you like the hotel. It feels more stable and beautiful that a swaying building!!

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  3. Wow! I’m fascinated by the first building just as much as the staircase, such different types of architecture, both beautifully shot. The swimming pool is so cool but you wouldn’t catch me there!

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  4. I like your staircase most, Patti. Regarding the pool: have you ever visited a pool on the top floor of a hotel when having a little wind outside? I did a couple of years ago. Although it was not higher than 23 floors, the wind (no storm) was able to move the building so that the water was able to leave the pool by the sides :o.
    But, I agree, the feeling of swimming over the glass bottom must be thrilling.

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  5. I’d love to swim in that pool even though it would be slightly unnerving! And I also found the Vancouver House a bit disconcerting, to have an apartment that wasn’t fully supported beneath! But it does look amazing 😀

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    • I totally agree, Sarah! Unnerving! I’m sure as a few people have mentioned, the building sways too. Maybe, I’ll just swim there once to see how it goes!! I know what you mean about the feeling of safety in Vancouver House. It would be unnerving! Thanks for your thoughts on these photos! Have a good week.


  6. The Vancouver House is absolutely stunning. I couldn’t help but linger and admire the unusual architecture. The next image that set my mind racing was the swimming pool up in the air . What audacious designs ! I’m in awe, Patti.

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    • Hi, Sheetal. That’s it exactly! Audacious! I totally agree that they push the boundaries of architecture. And the pool is crazy, isn’t it?? Still, I’d love to swim there. Take care and have a great week, too.

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    • It does, Cee, doesn’t it? A sister-building is going up now on the other side of town. I’m watching it go up level by level. I don’t know how the engineers worked it out that this is a stable design!! Take care and have a great week.


    • Hi, John. Glad you like the swimming pool! I stopped in my tracks when I saw it. Yes, we’ll see about how enduring steel and glass are as we move towards more sustainable materials. Will we go back to clay and stone? Um…

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  7. Wow / you captured a swimmer in the pool – how fortuitous – 😉 good timing and what a great idea for a pool
    Make that also great ideas in your examples here
    And the star case down view captures the spiraling beauty

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  8. Every time you feature Vancouver, you convince me of its beauty, Patti! Wow. But despite its magnificent and amazing architecture, it is London that gets my vote. An amazing shot of an amazing staircase – The Wellington Hotel.

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    • Hi, Babsje. I’m delighted you enjoyed them. They are amazing. I’m going to post one more photo of the Wellington on Saturday. It’s a gorgeous building. Take care and enjoy the weekend! I hope your eyes are better now.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Patti. Looking forward to seeing your next photo! Thanks for the well wishes. Surgery went nicely yesterday and there is improvement already. The recovery period is two months but on the right track already.


    • Hi, Neil. It is amazing, isn’t it? A sister building is going up on the other side of town. I’ll post some photos of it at some point. Glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts!


  9. Some great choices for the theme, Patti. Although that first structure looks awesome, I don’t think I’d want to live there. Rather like flying, it looks like it defies the laws of gravity. The staircase at The Wellington is more my style.

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  10. Hi Patti

    I like the words of Frank Gehry that you’ve quoted: “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.” And also the many different sides of Vancouver and Vancouver Island that you have been sharing over time. That swimming pool 200 feet up is astonishing.

    Here’s my offering for this week’s Interesting Architecture. At last something from me with meat on its bones for this topic:

    Beautiful Heron on the Charles River

    Best, Babsje


  11. Your first photo of that fabulous building really caught my attention. I know I’m no engineer or architect, but I don’t even have a layman’s knowledge of how you build a building that’s wider at the top than at the bottom. Amazing. As is your whole post!


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