Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #182: Interesting Objects

This week, we’re exploring Interesting Objects on LAPC. I’m sure you’ve had the experience of walking through a city, the country, a museum, or a beach, for example, and something catches your eye. If you’re lucky, you have a camera ready to capture it. Here are some examples from my collection to get your creative “wheels” spinning.

I’m sure you’ve seen these love locks in your travels. They usually commemorate a couple’s love for each other, but this one was different. A grateful resident professes his/her love for Boston. In the distance, you can see the Mass Pike and the Boston skyline.

Earlier this week I took a frigid walk through the Boston Gardens. Despite the temperature (-8 deg. F/-22 deg. C), I “heroically” paused in front of this statue honoring Robert McCloskey’s ducks–made famous in his children’s book Make Way for Ducklings .

I loved that someone gave all the duckings a warm red scarf, and an activist tied a sign around their necks, which reads: “Please love us. Don’t wear or eat us.

In a cringe-worthy attempt to get an ideal photo, I fixed Mamma Duck’s hat, which had blown off in the wind, and adjusted one of the duckling’s signs. Then, I shot this photo.

On a recent visit to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, this Nautilus Beaker “spoke” to me.

Here’s the backstory: Starting in the 16th Century, princes, kings and wealthy merchants collected rare objects like this nautilus shell. A very talented goldsmith decorated it with mother of pearl and silver and etched drawings of human figures on the surface. Amazing.

My last image was captured on a walk in Vancouver. As we passed the Carlyle Hotel and its iconic doorman statue, I noticed that someone placed a half-smoked cigarette into “his” mouth. I had to photograph it.

This week we invite you to share images that feature Interesting Objects. Have fun searching for them on the street, in your home, in your travels, or from your archives. For an added challenge, you can create and photograph a still life arrangement of interesting things. Include a link to this post and use the Lens-Artists tag.

Last week, we enjoyed learning about and exploring your favorite photo challenges in the Word Press community. A special thanks to Tina for hosting the Double Dipping Challenge. I admire those of you who lead and participate in multiple challenges, and have made valuable partnerships with other bloggers. You’ve done so much to enrich our community.

Next week, it’s Ann-Christine’s turn to lead the challenge, so be sure to stop by her beautiful site. In the meantime, my wish for you: Stay healthy and have an inspiring week!

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    • Hi, Sofia. I’m happy you like the photos and the stories. 😀 We went out in the cold again today and I lasted 1 hour 15 minutes, but had to come inside for something hot. I’ll look at your post next.

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  1. I love the objects you picked. They are beautifully captured. These ducks are so cute, good messages they are carrying. I remember these duck statues in the garden. -8 deg. F… I’d stay at home. 🙂 The nautilus shell is very special.

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  2. This is a fun challenge Patti. And your images are great, especially the ducks. There is a fence full of locks at the UC Davis Arboretum. And, darn, I’ve seen trees with notes hanging from them, but I can’t remember where they were or when I photographed them! I’ll be posting mine soon.

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    • Hi, Anne. I’m delighted you like this one.
      😀 The ducks seem to be the favorite this week. I’m glad I “grabbed” that shot! I always try to read the locks whenever I spot them, but I don’t always photograph them. I hope you can find yours. Enjoy the weekend, too. 😀😀

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  3. This is a wide-open challenge, Patti. I love it because you explained all of your photos and why you found them particularly interesting. Probably I will double dip after I look through my photos to find something particularly interesting. 🙂

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  4. LOL for the smoking statue Patti – how politically incorrect!!! Loved the post and was indeed challenged to respond, especially in light of your wonderful examples. The ducks of course are so fun and the seashell is simply beautiful. Excellent choices all.

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    • Hi, Tina. Thanks! I’m glad you mentioned the cigarette. It had me smiling. When I walked past it several days later, the cigarette was gone. 😀. The ducks are iconic….with or without the scarves. And that seashell. It was huge! I hope you’re having a good week. Plenty of warm weather and sunshine, I hope!


  5. that shell art is very interesting and reminds me that people have been collecting artifacts (and embellishing them) likely since time began – ha

    and I like the ducks and accessories, but not really the signsand the message – but to each their own, eh?)

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  6. ha ha. I like the bronze statue with the cigarette. The ducks with scarves and placards are quite as funny too. I hope you give us the colour version of the nautilus one day. Lovely objects all of them. Interesting that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and every photo shows us what the beholder saw.

    I did too many small objects during the lockdown in 2020, so for your challenge I went for inanimate objects which didn’t have the contagion of that year’s state of mind.

    The circles of my life

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  7. Excellent choices all, Patti! A lovely challenge and you are really inspiring in both pictures and stories. I doubt it I can find anything as good, but I will try! Hope it has become warmer by now.

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  8. Hi Patti

    I love it when your post features my neck of the woods here in Massachusetts, and your post did not disappoint. The Make Way for Ducklings statue never fails to delight. The etched Nautilus from the MFA is exquisite and the padlock emblazoned with that love note to the city is charming.

    Here’s my submission for this week’s Lens Artists challenge:

    Beautiful Great Blue Herons on Exhibit (Quirky Artist Stories Nbr 20)

    Best, Babsje


    • Hi, Lindy. I am so sorry to hear about Jello. I know he was beloved companion. It’s understandable that you’re having trouble focusing. I’ll look at your post. Take care.


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