LAPC #219: Treasure Hunt

You can either be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It all depends on how you view your life.

Paulo Coelho, ‘Eleven Minutes’, 2003.

This week, Tina challenges us to search for and post photos of 9 diverse treasures. I love a good adventure, so here we go!

Treasure #1: A Pet

Our friends’ loving and playful dog, Frodo. He’s always ready for some fun.

Treasures #2, #3, #4: A sun, clouds, and a reflection.

For this image, I combined a few of Tina’s treasure items. Forgive me for re-posting one of my favorites– the setting sun in Savusavu, Fiji with beautiful clouds and the reflection of the evening sky on the water.

Treasure #5: A Child

Well, I guess I overdid it a bit. Not one child, but three and their parents!

The backstory: We were walking in Stanley Park in August, when we spotted a family posing for their Christmas photo. I couldn’t resist capturing them and stylizing the image as if it were a holiday card.

Treasure #6: Umbrellas

Here’s another favorite–an umbrella art display in Vancouver from several years ago.

Treasure #7: A Truck

Who can resist a gleaming red truck? I captured this one at a rodeo in Langley, British Columbia.

Treasure #8: Autumn Foliage

I found these beautiful autumn leaves on a walk in Vancouver, B.C.

Treasures #4 and #9: Something Fun I Found on a Walk and Reflections

This last photo captures a moment in Florence when we were treated to a surprise fireworks display. It was an enchanting evening. I love the reflections of the lights and fireworks on the water. If you look closely, you can see the people lining the bridge.

A special thanks to Tina for hosting this week’s Treasure Hunt challenge. It was fun hunting for treasure. As Paolo Coehlo says at the top of this post: it is far better to be an adventurer in life than a victim. I completely agree! Be sure to stop by Tinaโ€™s site to see her beautiful, diverse, and inspiring photos. If you join us, include a link to her original post.

We are also thinking of Tina this week as her part of the USA has been facing an additional challenge–Hurricane Ian. We hope her beautiful Kiawah escapes the damaging winds and flooding.

A special thanks to our guest host last week–Donna of Wind Kisses, who hosted Over the Hill. Her wonderful theme inspired you to create posts that were diverse, original, fun, and inspiring. Next week, it will be my turn to host LAPC #220, so be sure to come back here next Saturday at noon to get all the details. We hope you join us.

Until then, have a safe, inspiring, and joyful week.

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    • Hi, Tina. Our friends will be so happy that you loved Frodo. He’s cute, isn’t he? And the fireworks…what a night. I’m so relieved you escaped the worst of the hurricane. Take care.


  1. I absolutely loved the brilliant color of the umbrellas for this week, but what captured me the most was the family photo. Even the yellow line gave the photo additional direction and character. I know I am behind, but wanted to catch up. See you in a day or two for “three ways”

    Thank you again for all your encouragement and inspiration, Patti.

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