WPC: The Changing Sky Over Chicago

We live in a moment of history where change is so speeded up that we begin to see the present only when it is already disappearing: R. D. Laing

More than ever, I am aware of the ephemeral nature of time.  The present is crowded with texts, emails, phone calls, and appointments.  Change is the norm.  Life is moving so fast that I often don’t take the time to simply sit quietly and absorb the present moment.

Not too long ago, I did exactly that and fortunately I had my Samsung Galaxy with me to document it.  We were in Chicago and we wanted to show my sister the gorgeous views at sunset from the terrace at the Trump Hotel.  For the price of a drink, anyone (including non-guests) can linger on the patio, sip a glass of wine and watch the evening sky over Chicago.

Of course all that splendor comes at a price.  Now that we all have experienced The Donald in his full glory this election season, you won’t be at all surprised that a dish of cashews costs $8.00 and a glass of wine is $15.00.  (For those of you who aren’t on a budget, there are plenty of opportunities for indulgence–such as– a $100 sundae with  20 scoops of ice cream or a $100 seafood platter with lobster, crab, shrimp, clams.)

Chicago Panorama at Dusk. Shot with a Samsung Galaxy S5

Chicago Panorama at Dusk. Shot with a Samsung Galaxy S5

At sunset, Chicago puts on a magnificent architectural display.  Unlike New York City with its densely compact urban design, the buildings in Chicago are surrounded by more space and the landscape is quite flat, which can be a photographic advantage.   (Note to New Yorkers:  I am stating facts.  Do NOT think for a second that I’m shifting my loyalty away from New York.)  In this first shot, the sun hasn’t quite dipped yet below the horizon, so you can see the lovely golden hour hues reflected on the building facades.

Chicago Pano at Twilight. Shot with a Samsung Galaxy S5

Chicago Pano at Twilight. Shot with a Samsung Galaxy S5

As the sun drops below the horizon just moments later, the lights begin to turn on across the city.  The change is subtle, but striking.  You can see how the lights highlight different architectural features–like the Gothic balustrades on the Chicago Tribune News Tower on the far left. (See the fluttering flag.) And the clock above the 30th floor on the Wrigley Building made with a pearlized glazed terracotta.

Sometimes change is dramatic.  But other times it is subtle and barely registered by our overactive brains.  But with my camera in hand, I am encouraged to stop and document change and the passage of time.  It’s one of the joys of photography.

To view more entries for this week’s photo challenge, click on this link and have a great week, everyone!  I hope you take a moment too to unplug, disconnect, and savor the present.

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  1. A friend who visited Chicago recently told me about a wonderful architectural tour along the river. It sounded like a great way to see and learn about the city. I think it would be especially lovely at dusk as your photos show.
    It’s on my list for a future visit to Chicago!

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  2. Hi Jackie. We belong to the Chicago Architectural Foundation (CAF), which hosts many architectural tours (free with membership). It also gives you instant access to the Open House Chicago exhibits in October, which is fabulous. I highly recommend getting a membership. For $50 or $60, you can have your pick of unlimited tours! I hope you get to go soon!


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