Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #111: Everyday Objects

Before Rich and I started traveling full-time, we donated a lot of our possessions or gave them away to friends.  The rest we put into storage.  So, when we recently moved into our new apartment and unpacked all the items in storage for the past two years, we got a fresh look at our possessions.  Sometimes it seemed like I was greeting an old friend;  other times I was left wondering why I bothered to save a particular object!

For this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #111, we’re taking a fresh look at ordinary, everyday objects–things that you see and use in your daily life.  Over time, our eyes tend to gloss over the details of the objects we see or use all the time–like a favorite coffee cup, a wristwatch, or a set of keys.  For LAPC #111, we’re challenging you to take another look at everyday objects and see them from a new perspective.  You can group objects into a still life to showcase them and create a visual story.  You can also zoom in and take a closer look at them, or arrange them to provide a new perspective.  Another option is to take a minimalist approach and focus on one object to create a unique “portrait.”

To get you started, I’ll share 4 recent photos of ordinary objects.

For this first image, I selected a few items in my apartment to create a still life, which I call “Grandma’s Pearls.”  In the shot, I included a decorative box with an antique flower pattern and a wooden jewelry box I’ve had for ages.  The lace tablecloth is a souvenir from our first visit to Venice and the pearls were my mother’s.  Then, I arranged the items to create a story about treasured items from the past.

Grandma’s Pearls


This next shot of a cherry was inspired by the work of a very talented photographer, Carlo De Nino, who is a master of lighting and simplicity.  The shot looks deceptively easy, but it took several attempts to get the lighting and the drops of water just right.

This shot is a close-up of a classic pocket watch, a family heirloom.  I love the details and artistry in these antique time pieces.

This final image highlights ordinary spools of thread arranged in a row.  I fiddled around with the sequence of colors and chose this shot because I like the shadows the spools create on the white table.

We hope you join us this week for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #111 Everyday Objects. In your post, include a link to this post and use the “Lens-Artists” tag so it will appear in the WP Reader. For instructions on adding tags, click on this link.  If you’re looking for some creative ideas, take a look at this article about the everyday objects challenge from the Digital Photography School.

A special thanks to Tina for hosting last week’s Creativity in the Time of Covid challenge.  A great theme, Tina!  I loved the range and diversity of your creative ideas.  They were fabulous!  Even though some of you are struggling emotionally through the pandemic or are sheltering at home, your creative ideas, new projects, and new creative skills have been a gift to all of us.  I salute all of you!  You’re a testament to the resilience of humankind.

Have You Seen These?

What’s up next? Ann-Christine will host LAPC #112 on Saturday, August 29th.  That week, we’ll also announce our next surprise guest host for LAPC #113 on September 5.

Take care, everyone, and keep creating!

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  1. Patti, this was a difficult challenge for me because I had to limit myself to four photos!! Most of my photos and everyday objects are outside, but I found I have quite a few indoors, too. It was fun because I got to go through a LOT of photos in my search, yet frustrating because I had such a difficult time choosing. 🙂

    I especially like your pearl shot and that of the pocket watch. Have a marvelous Saturday!



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    • Hi, Janet. I’m glad you like the pearls and pocket watch. It was a fun challenge to photograph them in an artistic way. Definitely it took many. attempts, but I’m happy with the results. I’m glad you had a lot to choose from! Wonderful. Glad you’re joining us!

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  2. Beautifully done Patti. The photographic choices are spot on and I loved the way you showed different approaches. Grandma’s pearls shows your artistic talent perfectly and the use of aperture on the watch is wonderful.

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    • Thanks, Tina! I enjoyed your creative “take” on the theme, too. I love it. Beach umbrellas. Perfect for your part of the world. I’m glad for your feedback on the shots. As you know, I’m experimenting!!

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  3. Wonderful theme and images, Patti. I love them all, they expose detail we usually would skim over.

    I had to laugh when you talked about becoming reacquainted with your stored possessions. When we moved into our house and took our things out of storage we also wondered why we kept them when we hadn’t needed or even thought about them for over 10 years. We’d moved on.

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    • So we had the same experience! Funny, isn’t it? Yes, we moved on. It makes me a bit sad that the china we inherited doesn’t thrill me anymore, but at the same time, we have other priorities and interests and tastes. Evolution–I suppose! Glad you liked these shots. I’m experimenting!

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  4. Beautiful still life images, Patti! The string of pearls is elegant, I love the arrangement. The cherry image is a beautiful artwork, it take a lot of patience and photography skills to capture it. And the watch is classic!

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    • Hi, Amy. Thank you!! Glad you like the pearls and the cherry. It does take patience, but I’m enjoying experimenting… It was fun imagining how to set up the “scene” to communicate a feeling or idea. I’m looking forward to your post, too.


  5. Nice responses to this challenge. I hope you will wear Grandma’s pearls even if only at home under a t-shirt. Pearls like to be near our warm bodies .I have always been told they should be worn to keep their best luster.

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  6. I like the light in the first two photos. Beautiful, couid be Vermeer’s light. And the objects could have also existed in that time. Very evocative. I like the transition from that to a modern aesthetic in the last photo.

    I dug up a photo of two objects which I’d collected in my travels. They made me think of the meanings that we give to the word culture: https://anotherglobaleater.wordpress.com/2020/08/10/get-me-out-of-here/

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    • Hi, IJ. I’m delighted you are joining us! Wonderful. I really value your feedback on my images. Vermeer light is the goal for all of us photographers. I’m thrilled you like the light in my images. Our dining room table is near a set of double windows, which let in great light. I didn’t need any extra lamps, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing your post next.

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      • Good question, Patti! The plates isn’t a bad guess because I did use to collect them on my travels, to display on a delft rack. Of course, I don’t have such a thing in this house so some are on the walls, but mostly in a cupboard 😦 You know- those things you couldn’t part with on moving? 🙂 🙂

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    • Wonderful, Margaret. I hope you join us. I’m looking forward to seeing your collection. Glad you like my images. It was fun choosing them and arranging them. Still life photos offer interesting possibilities.

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    • Thank you, Vivi. I enjoyed the thought process before taking the shot. I’m delighted you appreciate that! It was a great experiment to come up with these images/concepts. Your post was wonderful, too. I loved it!

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      • Thank you, Patti … a fantastic gallery you shared with us. I don’t have patience for shots like that. I only work with the auto mood. *laughing – if I was going to my shots manual – I wouldn’t come far during a holiday. *laughing. I admire those that are able to work manual.

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    • I’m happy you like them.😀I wasn’t sure how people would respond to the cherry image. Glad to hear that you like that one! Can you tell that I love cherries??😀. Glad you joined us, too.


      • I loved the way you isolated the one cherry on the table — it was a dramatic photo. Loved! Yes, I do love cherries. Ah, I didn’t even notice the light in the second photo until I read your comment, I was just mindlessly taking pictures of garden chairs! But I looked again. Saw there was a shadow, looked up the time: 8:43 a.m. THANK YOU.

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  7. Hi Patti, You did a brilliant job with these still life pictures. I’m impressed that you traveled for two years and got rid of everything. We are in the process of paring down, too, but right now everything is in limbo, boxes, furniture stuffed into a tiny room, beds stripped, cabinets buried by furniture and things I might need. But your posed pictures inspire me. Have a great week. 🙂

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    • Hi, Rusha. I really enjoyed your collection this week and the glimpse into your home. I’m still thinking about those adorable sock monkeys! I’m delighted you were inspired by the watch! Take care and have a good week.

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  8. What an unusual theme for this week Patti but it inspired me to dig up objects that become memorable because of their extraordinary design .
    Your antique watch picture set me off on this path to ‘Unlock the secrets of these everyday objects’ and also provide you with a glimpse of how clever Indian handicrafts are .
    Here is my contribution.

    PS : the link says trashed coz I binned it accidentally and then on recovery, the title was never the same 😊.

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    • Hi, Sheetal. Your post is fabulous! That’s wonderful my watch picture led you to this idea. I love the clever knife and lock. Really fascinating. You might be able to copy the entire post into a new post and then post it. I’d love for more people to see it.


  9. I also have the experience of being reacquainted with items from storage – even if it’s up on a closet shelf. I am a saver, so this topic was a good fit for me. I really like how you arranged and photographed the spools of thread – and yes, the drops and lighting on the cherry provide more of a challenge than one would think. Lovely result!

    My contribution:

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    • Hi, Lindy. Thanks! I wonder if I’m more stubborn than patient??? I’m glad you like the cherry. It’s also one of my favorite summer fruit.😊. Wishing you a good week/weekend, too. It’s going to be cool and rainy here tomorrow, but hopefully nice on Sunday.


    • Hi, Rupali. I’m glad you like the “family” treasures shot. Pearls are wonderful warm to the touch and hold great memories when they are handed down. I’m enjoying seeing everyone’s treasures this week. It’s a lot of fun. Thanks for your thoughts, too! You’ve been a great supporter of the challenges.

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    • Your post is marvelous, Tish. I loved your choice of John Lennon’s image and your explanation of what objects mean to us in general and what Lennon means to you specifically. Glad you like the cherry!

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